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I Love that Dirty Water

Posted on: May 4, 2010

Well I love that dirty water. Oh, Boston, you’re my home.

Have you ever heard that song? Honestly, I used to think the lyrics were I love that dirty woman, but my tendencies to mis-hear song lyrics and then make up my own song is a whole other post so I will stay on point!

Our water here in the Boston area is officially polluted. We always knew we had dirty water here in Boston, but now it’s officially so dirty and polluted that they’ve declared it a state of emergency and there’s a water ban on using it. To sum it up in Katie terms — on Saturday a giant water pipe burst and it’s spilling out everywhere so now our water is contaminated. I realize there’s a lot more details that go along with this, but that’s the basic idea of how I understood it.

I was  in the supermarket Saturday morning before all of this hit and the news and the whole water aisle was filled as always. I needed water, but didn’t feel like lugging it into my trunk and then into the house with a toddler so decided to get it later on when the hubby could carry it for me. To quote one of my fave movies Big mistake. Huge. (Do you know what movie that is from? Comment if ya do!)

Anyways, later on that night my BFF called and filled me in on the whole water issue. See, she knows me so well & knows that I don’t pay attention to important things like news reports. Thank god she does! 🙂 

I ran back to the supermarket and OMG there was no water at all. Not gallons. Not individual bottles. Not even water filter pitchers. Nothing. OMG.

I called the hubby and he was actually at the store too — he scored the last two giant bubbler size bottles of water. And of course Miss Cheapie that I am was like oooh those are $10.00 each so do we really need two? But the hubby insisted and we bought them. Boy, was I glad we did! Sunday morning we ventured out in search of more water and no where had water anywhere. The store shelves were literally empty. We drove around forever looking for water, but there was nothing!

So now thanks to this craziness, all of the Boston area is in a hysteria and it’s turning into total pandemonium. Like seriously! There was a legit fist fight at BJ’s in Revere the other day over this. Yes, I realize it’s Revere so that’s kind of to be expected considering the area, but it was a fight over water!

If you want to use water for cooking you must either use boiled tap (minimum 1 minute of heavy boiling) or bottled water. And brushing your teeth — gotta use the bottled water which is a total PIA! You obviously can’t drink the water, but you can shower and do laundry. I guess it’s okay if we clean ourselves in polluted water and clean our clothes in dirty water, but we just can’t ingest it. Silly, huh?!

Children on the other hand are supposed to be sponge bathed as they have a tendency to drink the bath water — my little one does! So Isabella had a wicked quick shower rinse off and we’ve just been using baby wipes to clean her up. Sounds silly, but I’d much rather have a slightly dirty toddler than a sick one!

And apparently you aren’t supposed to do dishes, not even in the dishwasher, unless you use bleach. Oops. I totally did the dishes and we’ve used them. I did wash Isabella’s in the dishwasher and boil them as I am just OCD like that so she will be fine, but if I all of a sudden stop blogging you will know the dirty dishes got the best of me and I am dying a long painful death. Oh god, that’s horrible, huh?! I am sorry!

With all of this craziness going on, I am reminded just how lucky we really are to instantly have clean water just by turning on our faucets. There are adults and children all over the world who would consider clean water a luxury while us Americans take it for granted. We really are blessed!


2 Responses to "I Love that Dirty Water"

Oooh, you are so lucky! We seriously were freaking out over the water issue. It was like mass-hysteria — no pun intended! Hee hee 🙂

I was away all weekend and came home to all this mess! My mom called and was like “Don’t drink the water!!” But luckily, my town has their own water supply even though the surrounding towns don’t. Go figure.

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