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Water Ban Lift

Posted on: May 4, 2010

Once again, I don’t pay attention to the news, but thanks to my hubby  I learned the water ban has now officially been lifted. That only lasted for a couple of days, but omg it felt like an eternity. I really can’t imagine having to live like that every day of my life. It must be horrible!

During this whole water ban, I was channeling my inner Brownie Girl Scout and somehow with the help of my hubby’s awesome connections, my parents luckily living far away enough from the city, and our town’s water donations for their residents — we now have over 16 cases, two GIANT jugs, and 6 gallons of bottled water. We will never be without water again — I am storing a bunch of it in the basement for emergencies!

Oooh, maybe I should be one of those “crazies” with an emergency survival kit? I’d much rather be safe than sorry. But then again, I am not really sure what I should keep in the kit. We’ve got plenty of non-perishable foods upstairs (I stockpile) so I am guessing water and candles/ flashlight. We have blankets and stuff upstairs so that doesn’t need to go downstairs. Maybe an emergency stash of junk food? Or lip gloss and mascara?

Oh crap, this is hard. Okay forget this whole emergency kit thing — I will just keep water on hand.   🙂


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