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A Clean Home is a Happy Home

Posted on: May 24, 2010

A clean home is a happy home. Seriously, it’s true. But honestly when you work FT, have an active toddler, and a house now (not a teeny apartment anymore) who really has the time to clean it? Wow, I never thought those words would ever come out my mouth. You see, Minnie Mama used to be a total clean freak. Like seriously. My OCD carried over into our home’s cleanliness. It was bad. I was bad. I was outta control w/ the cleaning!

But fast forward 2 1/2 years and wow…my house has seen better days! I mean, overall it was clean. We didn’t live in filth, but you may want to think twice about eating off the floor. Of course, I vacuum and mop and all that good stuff, but you know what I mean. It was just in need of a really good thorough Spring cleaning.

And a Spring cleaning is just what it got this weekend. How did that ever happen you’re wondering? Well, Minnie Mama decided to splurge for housecleaners to come and clean. Seriously, it was the best gift that I’ve ever given myself, with the exception of Isabella, but you know what I mean! It was awesome.

As the cleaners were schedule for a full thorough cleaning, I stayed at the house for the 1st hour with Isabella, but then decided to go out and run some errands. I know it seems funny to leave strangers in your home, but (a) I took anything truly valuable (jewelery, personal info, etc) with me and (b) let’s be honest here, asides from my child who was obviously with me, what could they really steal?! Plus I totally hate wasting a perfectly good Saturday morning sitting around when there are errands to be done.

And so when I returned home it looked like a whole new house. Those ladies did an amazing job! My house was sparkling from top to bottom. They even vacuumed underneath my armoire. Yes, I got down on all fours to check to see if they did — remember I told you I was a OCD cleaning freak before so I just had to know! Not only did these wonder women clean, but they also organized — the DVDs were all arranged neatly in the entertainment center, Isabella’s toys were put away, clothes were folded, dishes in the sink were washed…you get the idea. It was AMAZING!

Here’s a bit of background for you into Minnie Mama’s past personal life…growing up we had money (lots of it) and my mom always had cleaners even though she was a SAHM (so jealous, sigh). But this is 2010 and in our home, both parents have to work to pay the bills. Plus, I am not rich so this was seriously awesome for me! And as you all know I am very frugal so I must confess that I purchased my cleaning appointment through a discount site. Thanks to this awesome website I only paid a fraction of the normal price as otherwise I definitely wouldn’t have hired cleaners. But OMG I am soooo glad that I did.  I felt like such a fancy rich lady!

I can’t promise how long the house will appear like this as my toddler is a bit of a hurricane, but for the few hours / days / weeks that it lasts I am happy! I’ve decided that if there’s ever a time when I do have a little extra money (in my dreams, right?!) then I am so splurging on a cleaner again. Aahhh, I am in love! 

Now tell me, do any of you enjoy this luxury on a regular basis? Or have you ever? Or what is the most luxurious thing you splurge on?


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