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Exergen Temporal Scanner Thermometer Review

Posted on: June 2, 2010

Let’s be honest for a moment here — not every moment of Motherhood is fun especially when it involves a sick child. And a sick child with a temperature is even worse!

Knock on wood, Isabella doesn’t get fevers nearly as often as when she was an infant, but OMG when she was teeny tiny she was prone to fevers. And not just as slight teething fever, but scary high fevers! Everytime I’d call her pediatrician they would tell me to insert the thermometer into that dreaded area (you know where I mean!) and honestly I just couldn’t do it. I know, it’s medically correct, but it just felt so awful and wrong like I was violating or hurting my poor child.  So I was so excited when I found a pacifier thermometer. That was the answer to my prayers or so I thought. This thing was awesome in theory, but that’s just it – theory. In all actuality it was horrible. She’d spit it out so it would lose the temperature reading and we’d have to start all over again. I was never able to get an accurate reading! As Isabella got a little bit older I started doing her temperature with a good old fashioned thermometer under her arm, but my toddler is a squirmy wormy so this never works properly either! Ugh!

And then I was introduced to an amazing and brilliant invention. The temporal scanner thermometer. Seriously, this thermometer is absolutely genius!

All you do is press the button on this nifty little gadget and then quickly swipe it across your child’s forehead. Literally that’s all you do and it takes just a quick second. No more fussing with a squirmy (AKA cranky) child. You just take their temp and it’s an instant accurate reading! I just swipe it across Isabella’s forehead and I instantly have an accurate reading of her temp — it’s truly amazing!

I could tell you all of the technical details behind this thermometer such as it wass tested six times for accuracy during manufacturing at Exergen’s plant and that it comes with a one year warranty. And I could tell you that tests show it is accurate to within a +0.2F which is a much more accurate reading than taking the temp any other way including oral, under the arm, ear, or that dreaded way. But I won’t bore you with all of those details!  🙂

Instead I will just tell you that parent to parent, this is honestly one of the best and most worthwhile pieces of equipment that you should invest in for your child and yourself. Yes, I even took the hubby’s temp when he was sick a few weeks ago. And if you know any new parents or soon-to-be parents then I highly recommend purchasing this for a baby shower gift for them or just telling them about. Yes, I know baby bottle warmers, wipe warmers, boppys, and all of that other “must have” stuff sounds like fun when making up / buying off a registry, but let’s be serious here — this is something that you will legitimately need and your children will never outgrow it!

And as a special thank you to all of my readers, Minnie Mama has teamed up with Exergen to offer you a special $5.00 off discount. Just click on this link for a rebate: http://exergen.com/medical/PDFs/New_rebate_page_1-8-10a.pdf

Important Disclosure: I was not given any monetary compensation for this post, but I was provided with a complimentary Exergen to try out and review. However, all of the opinions stated above are 100% true and I honestly LOVE this product!!  🙂


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