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Our Long Weekend

Posted on: June 2, 2010

Hello everyone! OMG has Minnie Mama gone and disappeared on you again?! Oh no, I haven’t. Promise.

I just decided to unplug from the world and enjoy my long holiday weekend with my family. And it was great.

Isabella and I spent Friday night at my mom’s house which was fun. Well, let’s be honest the long ride to her house was kinda boring as I hate driving and how many Disney songs can you listen to over and over again until you wanna crawl outta your skin?! Don’t get me wrong, I totally love Disney, but the same 5 or 6 songs on repeat would make even Tinkerbell nuts!

Anyways, Saturday we had a yard sale at my mom’s house. Or as they call it out in God’s country — a barn sale. So what did I sell? Well, I sold lots of Isabella’s old clothes (saved some that I can’t part with, but sold lots), old toys, CDs, shoes, etc. And I made about $127.00 which I realize isn’t a ton of money, but it was still easy money and I got to clean out my house which is an added bonus in itself as I hate clutter!

On Sunday I ran to WW w/ my bff. I was disappointed that I only lost 1/2 lb, but it’s better than a gain so I’ll take it!  🙂  And then in the afternoon the hubby picked up an overtime shift so Isabella and I had a girls day. We played outside, she took a long nap and I cleaned, and we just played — it was relaxing and perfect. And then Sunday night the hubby and I watched a movie together which was nice.

On Monday we had a big BBQ w/ friends & family which was really fun! And OMG there was sooo much food — hot dogs, burgers, chicken, steak, pasta salads, chips, desserts, etc. It was bad and I was bad, but today is a new day so it’s all good. 

Oh did I tell you about the desserts Isabella and I made? Bite sized brownies made in muffin tins. Delicious! And angel food cake which was delicious too. Of course I made the angel food cake with the intention of being good & staying on track, but there’s only so much cool whip & strawberries you can drench onto the cake before you need to accept that it’s not so healthy anymore…

Anyways, that was my long weekend. It was relaxing and laid back. How was your holiday weekend?


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