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Processed Foods

Posted on: July 2, 2010

I always prided myself on eating healthy and staying in shape (for the most part), but lately I’ve been taking a second look at my eating habits and not only what I’m putting into my own body, but also my daughter’s precious little body.

I realize Minnie Mama has somewhat fallen off the wagon since Isabella’s debut almost three years ago, but I didn’t fully realize how bad I fell until I saw that picture.

Yup, that’s what we took to the zoo for a picnic the other day. Does it look awful to you? Or perhaps this is all “healthy” stuff you’d eat? We have juice (for Isabella), Vitamin Water 0 for me, 100 calorie snack coffee cakes, yogurt, PBJ, and 100 calorie cheese. Sounds pretty healthy, right?! Well, it’s not! All of that stuff is processed and packaged. Packaged junk. Packaged crap. Ugh, what have I been thinking?!

So right here and right now, Minnie Mama is going cold turkey. No more processed foods filled with crap ingredients. Crap ingredients that I can’t even pronounce let alone figure out what they are.

Now don’t worry, I am not going all earthy crunchy on you. I am just determined to really examine my eating habits and make proper choices of healthy fresh fruits & veggies, dairy, etc. We don’t need all of the fake sugars and additives — it’s just not healthy. And I want to set a good example for Isabella. However, I will not be giving up my Crystal Light which I know is awful, but we’re taking baby steps here. Now please excuse me while I go clean out my cabinets…


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