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Our Mini Getaway

Posted on: July 5, 2010

As I last mentioned I took some time off for a mini-staycation w/ my little bum. Well, we couldn’t stay home all week so we decided to go up to Maine for an overnight adventure.

We visited Ogunquit which is in Southern Maine and there was sooo much to do. Seriously there was and it was a blast! 

For those of you unfamiliar with the area Ogunquit is one of the premiere vacation destinations in New England as it’s fabulous to visit year round. Tourists from all over the place are attracted to this beachside town as there is so much to see and do while still feeling completely relaxed away from all of the everyday hustle and bustle of everyday city life.

We started our day out very early as we wanted to make the most of our mini-getaway so we drove straight up Route 1 and arrived to our destination in about 1 ¼ hours from the Boston area. It’s very easy to find and the drive up can either be quick or slightly longer if you choose to take the scenic route.

After checking into our hotel and dropping our bags off we decided to venture downtown to check things out. As this is a seaside town there are many tourist shops in the downtown area, but they are not your typical “junk” ones as Ogunquit is a very upscale town so their little shops are also rather expensive. It was fun to browse in the shops, but honestly I am more of a junk shop kind of girl! 

We spent a little time in our hotel room so Isabella could take a quick nap  and then we decided to actually leave Ogunquit for the afternoon. Why would we do that? Well, I wasn’t quite ready to hit up the beach and I heard about a fabulous nearby attraction called York’s Wild Kingdom. This attraction is located in York, Maine and is only about 10-15 minutes South of Ogunqit so it worked in perfect with our plans.

With exotic animals from the around the world, York’s Wild Kingdom is recognized for it’s rare species and knowledgeable curators which is probably why more than 200,00 people come to visit it each year. York’s Wild Kingdom truly has something for everyone as there are a variety of family rides, paddle boats (so fun!), miniature golf course, a petting zoo, scenic picnic grounds, a Haunted House, and a Butterfly Exhibit which we did NOT do as honestly butterflies freak me out. And yes, birds freak me out even worse. Actually, Isabella is scared of them now too — what did I pass on to my poor child?!

While many Zoos and amusement parks can be rather pricey, I was pleasantly surprised to learn this one is very reasonable if not a little too low, not that I am complaining. Isabella only cost $4.75 which included Zoo admission plus unlimited rides! How can you beat that?!

We spent a great deal of the afternoon exploring this fun Zoo and truly had a blast! We also visited York Beach which is literally located right outside of the Zoo. York Beach is another great tourist attraction as it’s filled with numerous hotels, restaurants, and shops. Honestly, it’s a little more laid back than Ogunquit as it’s geared more towards middle-classed families like me who enjoy those “junky” beach shops if you know what I mean?! It’s a fabulous beach area and so much fun to explore.

As the afternoon was quickly turning into evening we decided to head back to Ogunquit to freshen up and get ready for dinner. I am a huge seafood fan so since Maine is known for their delicious and fresh seafood, we knew we needed to find the best seafood restaurant in town. I did a bit of research in advance to determine where we’d eat, but honestly while you can read all of the online reviews till your blue in the face sometimes it’s best to ask a local for their opinion. I didn’t need anything super fancy and yet at the same time I was hoping for a nice restaurant. I asked our hotel concierge and voila I was informed of the fabulous Oarweed. This delicious seafood restaurant is located right on the Marginal Way (the amazing walking path overlooking the water which Ogunquit is known for) in Perkin’s Cove which was walking distance from our hotel. As the Oarweed has been in business for over 30 years, it’s definitely a favorite spot amongst the locals. We were lucky enough to be seated right outside on their patio area so we enjoyed the refreshing Maine air on a beautiful summer night. After indulging in plates of sautéed scallops we took a leisurely walk around the Marginal Way and took in all of the gorgeous views of Maine and its sunset.

After our relaxing stroll, we visited all of the tourist shops in Perkins Cove including the candy store where they still sell penny candy and also the homemade ice cream shop – you just can’t fully enjoy a summer night without a messy ice cream cone dripping down your hand. We also walked along the beach and enjoyed ourselves as we searched for seashells, treasures, and seagulls.

Okay so I won’t continue to bore you with every detail of my trip. But I will just tell you that we also visited Old Orchard Beach the following day which is about 20-30 minutes North of Ogunquit and known for their old-fashioned board walk filled with an amusement park, shops, restaurants, etc. While it’s a little on the touristy side, I had such a fun time here and am planning to stay there next summer!

We also found an amazing restaurant, Clam Bake, located in Scarborough, Maine (just 5 minutes away from Old Orchard Beach) which cost a fraction of the price from the previous night’s dinner with larger portions and honestly was much more delicious! However, this was a very casual restaurant so may not appeal to everyone as the Oarweed was a bit fancier, but for us this was absolutely perfect. Plus we had lots of fun feeding the seagulls!

We had one of the best mini-getaways ever and we felt as if we’d been away for days. We were refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated. It was pure perfection! If you or your clients are in need of a little R&R, but don’t have the time or money to fly somewhere exotic then I really do suggest visiting Maine. Whether you stay in Ogunquit, York, or Old Orchard there’s something for everyone to do and you won’t be disappointed. There’s beaches, zoos, amusement parks, restaurants, shops, etc!


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