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ALL Free & Clear Laundry Detergent Review

Posted on: July 6, 2010

From the moment I found out I was pregnant with Isabella, I went into total planner Mama mode. Like seriously, I was completely nuts to say the least. I ran out and bought every book written by the “experts”, registered for/ purchased all the “must haves” for my new baby, cleaned the house from top to bottom (yes, I was only a few months along — helloooo you all know I am OCD like that!), etc.

Out of all of the preparations that I did, the one that most clearly stands out in my mind is washing all of Isabella’s clothing in special laundry detergent designed just for babies. I mean, how could I wash my new baby’s clothes with our normal detergent? Our detergent was filled with delicious smelling (AKA strong) scents that could irritate my precious baby’s skin. Yes, this special laundry detergent was much more expensive than the regular brands, but it was worth it, right? And so I spent hours and hours separately washing all of the baby’s clothes. Yes, it was a total PIA and took up so much time, but this was a sacrifice all Mamas made, right?

Now fast forward about 6 months into Isabella’s arrival — I am still washing all of Isabella’s clothes separate from ours, but now Isabella is here and she’s not so patient while Mommy sorts, washes, and dries all of her clothes. Not to mention that I am back to work FT and sleep deprived. Do I really need to be making this much extra work for myself? I mean, a baby in itself is work and then regular work at my job and normal household work — ugh! Well, the answer to my own question is NO WAY! There is no need for me to be spending extra time and money on this special detergent when there is an amazing detergent by ALL called Free and Clear that I can use.

ALL Free and Clear is truly the answer to my dreams. Yes, now that I have become a mama laundry detergent really is a top priority for me and I literally do dream about it  – sad, I know but let’s stay on point here! Anyways, this awesome invention is by the brand that I always used and trusted in my pre-Isabella days so it only makes sense to keep using it, but instead switch over to their free and clear version which just as it says is free and clear of any dyes or perfumes so it’s perfectly safe for sensitive skin such as my baby’s. Of course I checked with my pediatrician just to be on the safe side (remember I was a new Mama = a bit crazy) and she assured me it’s 100% safe and she uses it for her children too.

ALL is much more reasonably priced than that other “baby brand” and I can usually snag for dirt cheap with a sale and coupons because you all know Minnie Mama is very frugal!  🙂

And so Minnie Mama is very excited and proud to report to all of you that she now saves time, money, and her sanity by using All Free & Clear.


Important Disclosure: No monetary compensation was received for this review although I did receive a complimentary bottle of ALL Free & Clear to help facilitate my review. However, all of the opinions expressed above are my own and I really do use ALL for my entire family.


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