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Posted on: July 15, 2010

Growing up my Dad always ate Spam.  Yes, Spam as in that nasty fake ham concoction that comes in can. Do you remember it? Yuck is all I can say! But now it’s 2010 and when you say spam people just automatically think of the junk mail you receive online. Isn’t it funny how things change?!

Anyways, I was just sorting through the Spam caught on my filter on this blog and of course they were all comments that made no sense at all. But then I came across one that did make sense and it said Isabella looked so cute while stirring brownies & it was nice to see her cooking with me. Was this a spam comment or from one of my readers? Should I delete it or post it? I mean, it was caught by the Spam filter for a reason, right? The comment included a web link so I clicked on it in the hopes of determining if this was real or fake. Yup, it was totally fake and took me to a random site I’d never heard of that had nothing even remotely close to anything I’d ever blogged about — data recovery?!

Anyways, this really got me thinking. I mean, a spammer took the time to write a nice comment about my daughter and post it on my blog. Why? In the hopes that I’d publish it and my readers would visit their site? Well, it worked sorta as I did visit their site. But the issue I am experiencing the most right now is that anyone can find my blog and then learn things about my daughter. Yes, I know — duh, that’s what blogging is all about. But it still kinda freaks me out a little when I really think about it. It really makes me re-think just what I should and shouldn’t post on here as this really is just floating out there in the world of cyber space. And you know what bothers me the most? That this “person” knows my child’s name. Yes, I clearly reference her name over and over again in every post, but it just feels extra creepy to see my daughter’s name written in a spam email. Does that make any sense? The world is fully of scary and crazy predators especially those that prey on children and women so maybe this is just opening the door for them? Or maybe I am totally overeacting as it’s not like I am posting my exact schedule and whereabouts online. OMG can you trace that somehow? I mean, the internet is pretty brilliant and we all know I am so not tech savvy. Yes, I still have issues with uploading songs onto my outdated IPod. Okay am I becoming my typical babbling self now? Sorry.

Anyways, back to my point — I am contemplating going back through every single one of my posts and changing her name to simply “Princess I” or “Little Bum” or some other sort of silly nick-name. What are your thoughts on this? For all of my fellow Mama bloggers — do you disguise your child’s name on your blog? I’d really love to get your opinions on this matter…


1 Response to "Spam"

I think it is very smart to change her name in the posts . In this day and age we are all lax and casual that we forget that it can be dangerous because there are some savvy people who can figure out where we live and use such things to their advantage. While I don’t blog I use facebook and am always concerned because I do post pictures of my children on there. For safety’s sake set up a password with your child incase you haven’t already. Stress to her that she can only go with someone who knows said password and tells it to her. Pick something easy for her to remember but not easy for someone to guess. When my stepdaughter was little one of our passwords was the name of her aunts ferret.

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