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Sun Kissed Baby

Posted on: July 16, 2010

I think all natural skin colors are beautiful — brown, black, white, yellow, etc. However, when I saw this beautiful blonde haired blue-eyed little girl in Isabella’s class sporting a fierce dark brown tan on her once porcelain ivory skin, I was seriously astounded. Did her parents knowingly let this little child get a tan? Do they not apply sunscreen of like 70+ to her daily? Do they not know about the dangers and effects of sun damage?! Oh the thoughts just kept racing through my head for like seriously the whole damn weekend. You see, Minnie Mama is not only an over the top crazy Mama, but also an esthetician who fully understands the dangers associated with the sun especially for children.

To say I am obsessed with making sure Isabella doesn’t get a drop of sun would not be an understatement. My child is always covered from head to toe in 70+ sunblock along with sporting a stylish floppy hat, shades, and as much clothing as possible w/o causing her heat stroke. But then it happened… I was giving Isabella a bath the other night and I noticed that she has just ever so slightly tan marks on her shoulders from wearing her bathing suit when playing outside at school. OMG. Seriously?! Are they not applying sunblock to her again before playing outside in the afternoon?! Do they care?! Are they crazy?! Do they not know I am crazy like this?! OMG!

Crazy Minnie Mama just recently chatted with her teacher about why she was seeing pics of Isabella outdoors at school without her sun hat on and despite the poor excuse I was given which I know is BS (Isabella took it off ) because she LOVES her movie star hat as she calls it

Yes, I went off on a crazy rampage like this for the rest of the evening and it’s continued into today. I am now making it my mission to find the perfect UV protection waterproof suit and possibly higher SPF sunblock for Isabella when playing outdoors. While I always cover her in sunblock before leaving the house for the day and keep a sun hat in her cubby at school, I unfortunately cannot be there to make sure she’s covered again in it & wearing that hat when playing outdoors at daycare.

So when I picked her up from daycare this afternoon I had a little chat with her teacher. Her teacher is seriously awesome and I totally love her, but I really didn’t love her excuse. She told me that even when you’re wearing sunscreen you can still get color and she always, always, always covers Isabella in the sunblock I sent in. Yes, it’s true that you can still get color with sunscreen, but Isabella wears 70+ sunscreen so unless she’s outside under the hot sun for hours which she isn’t there’s really no reason for my baby to have tan lines. Bottom line, I think she either spaced and didn’t apply the sunblock or didn’t apply it evenly. Either way I still need to ensure that I do everything I can to make sure my precious child and her beautiful healthy skin stay beautiful & healthy!

Any ideas out there on special UV sun suits, high level block, etc?  🙂


2 Responses to "Sun Kissed Baby"

OMGOSH, I am so anal about getting sunscreen on my kid, and so disgusted by parents who don’t! My daughter is the same ageas yours, and I was so upset last night to see she had some tan lines from being out all day (with hat- that she DID take off on her own, but mommy kept putting it back on- and sunglasses, and SPF 50 broadspectrum sunblock)… but as you say, for HOURS in the middle of the day in her kiddie pool/ sprinkler… not just w little while. Anyway, I threw out the sunblock, since it’s a couple years old now, and I’m blaming the fact that it may have lost some of it’s effectiveness at this point. I have seen 2 freckles on her so far, and that’s 2 too many for me! I don’t want her to have age spots and wrinkles, let alone skin cancer! And God forbid she go w/o sunglasses and end up w/ cataracts before she’s 20! LOL! (yes, I know, how did WE ever survive our childhood- no carseats, no sunscreen, no sunglasses, living on Cheetos and Kool-aid! 😉

Seriously, though, One Step Ahead has a whole bunch of SPF clothes/ coverups. And I know there are other manufacturers with clothing lines that do have SPF in them… you can just google it. Best of luck! And stay sane! 😉

I am so happy I am not the only Mama who freaks out over sunscreen. And thanks so much for the sunscreen brand recommendations — I am gonna check ’em out! 🙂

Oooh, you had Cheetos & Kool-Aid as a kid? I am seriously so jealous!! My mom was a health food nut so I never got to eat the fun stuff. Not even Wonderbread — I was the sad kid eating whole grain bread w/ freshly grounded peanut butter from Bread & Circus! Ha ha 🙂

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