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Potty Training & Words of Wisdom

Posted on: July 21, 2010

I realize I am about to commit a huge blogging crime by posting about bodily functions, but I think it’s a crime worth committing and you may even thank me for it. For those of you with little ones who haven’t started potty training yet you  let me offer you some fabulous words of wisdom. And for those of you who have survived the craziness called potty training — god bless you!

Minnie Mama’s Potty Training Tips

  • If you see something wet on the floor, don’t instinctively touch it and then lick your wet fingers to see if your child spilled his / her juice. Trust me, it ain’t juice sweetheart and it won’t taste good.
  • When your child says “I gotta go pee pee” and runs towards the bathroom don’t grab the camera and try to take their picture. You will just distract them and be left with a big puddle and an upset child.
  • If you’re running across the house on hardwood floors to get your ringing phone, look where you’re going. You may avoid slipping and falling in a puddle of pee. Yeah, the puddle of pee you should’ve mopped up from the above issue, but forgot because you were distracted with a crying child who hates being wet and dirty — who does, right?!
  • If you have carpet in the playroom don’t let them play in there with just their big kid underpants on even if it’s a hot day. Cleaning pee out of a carpet is not fun, especially on a hot day. Oh yeah, don’t let them sit on the couch either — just trust me on this.
  • If your BFF asks you what happens if they poop in their underpants, don’t laugh and say you have no idea because about 10 minutes later you will have an idea. It’s nothing like you thought. It’s worse and you will never get that poop stain off Cinderella’s face. Just throw them out.
  • Buy lots and lots of underpants preferably several of the same packages. You will be doing lots of laundry. Yes, lots and lots of laundry and your child will insist on wearing the same character underpants that you just threw in the washer machine so this is where the duplicate pair will come in handy AKA save you from a major headache.

Okay so those are Minnie Mama’s words of wisdom. Oh yeah, and if you are a drinker then now is the time to break out that bottle of wine, you will need it.


1 Response to "Potty Training & Words of Wisdom"

Very good tips and yes, potty training can be a trial and a bit crazy but it need not be torture.
During this time kids and parents both learn the same lesson – Patience.
Maybe my blog can offer some insights, Cheers.

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