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Talkative Thursdays with a Toddler

Posted on: August 26, 2010

I decided this blog needs a good laugh or maybe it’s just me that needs a good laugh. It’s been stressful here lately. Work. Life. Raining non-stop. You get the idea.

Anyways, here’s the latest excerpts from Minnie Mama’s chatty toddler. Hope they make you laugh or at least crack a teensy tiny smile. 

Laugh #1

Minnie Mama: Walks into bedroom and sees clothes everywhere, bed unmade, dresser drawers open, etc.  Oh my god! Who made this giant mess?!
Isabella: Daddy made the giant mess so Mama has to clean it up. Daddy always makes messes!

Laugh #2

Minnie Mama: Finally caught a crazy toddler who kept running away. Now carrying Isabella out of the park as she’s flailing her arms and legs screaming because she doesn’t want to leave the park. 
Isabella: Mama put me down. I don’t want to be carried like a baby. 
Minnie Mama: Isabella stop squirming. I am gonna drop you!
NO Mama! Don’t carry me like that. The seagulls are gonna eat me!
Minnie Mama: Isabella, honey, the seagulls are not gonna eat you. But Mama will drop you if you don’t stop squirming.
Isabella: Mama I have to squirm or the seagulls will catch me. You catch me. The seagulls will too!
Minnie Mama: If you please stop squirming and let me carry you then we can go get some ice cream with Nana.
Isabella: NO Mama! The seagulls ate the ice cream and now they gonna eat me!
You gotta love the tantrums of a toddler…

Laugh #3
Just said bye to the hubby and did the whole “I love you. Have a good day” thing…
Isabella: Mama, why does Daddy love you?
Minnie Mama: WTF? Did my toddler really just ask me such a deep question?!  Uuumm, because Daddy and Mama are best friends?
Isabella: No, Mama because you have boobies.
Ah ha, so that’s why we’ve been together all these years…


1 Response to "Talkative Thursdays with a Toddler"

That kills me when Isabella says the Seagulls are gonna kill her. What an imagination she has. I myself am frightened of Seagulls and like Isabella will stay clear of them!

Sandy Avila, Director of Operations at Prepped & Polished

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