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Roller Skating Queen

Posted on: August 30, 2010

A few weeks ago one of the hubs cousin’s kids had a Birthday party. And for those of you who know Minnie Mama personally you know how much I cringe over invites to these types of affairs. Before Isabella was born I could just politely decline the invites and make up an excuse for not being able to make it. But dammit, I have a kid now and there’s no way out of it. I have to be social. Lucky me. Seriously though, who doesn’t agree w/ me that kids’ parties are total nightmares. There’s usually at least 10 plus kids running around making messes, screaming, and bouncing off the walls  as the sugar from the cake and treats pump through their veins hyping them up on sugar like little crack addicts. It’s awful…

BUT Minnie Mama was actually somewhat surprised with the outcome of this particular party. It was mainly older kids so while they were still totally off the wall, they didn’t have that screechy sound going on which was a major plus. The party was at a local roller skating rink so the kids actually had a reason to run (skate) around. It was perfect!

I gotta admit that Isabella had a total blast! She was the baby of the party, but that didn’t stop her for one second from trying to keep up with the other kids.

Yes, there was lots of falls, but my Princess Monkey Bum is a toughy and she got right back up again. She had an awesome time!


1 Response to "Roller Skating Queen"

Oh…so cute. I love the pictures. She is so serious and determined. She is most certainly going to be the typle of little girl who is not afraid of anything and will try anything…that is so good in this world today. It is so darling to think of her there with the big kids and trying to be just like them.

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