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Down on the Farm

Posted on: September 14, 2010

Last week, Isabella and I met up with my mom  for a very memorable  trip to Davis Farmland. For those of you not from this area it’s the ultimate children’s discovery farm featuring endangered farm animals (we met Peter the French donkey and these gigantic Mama pigs), discovery play and learning. I was so surprised by how much there was to do at the farm. We literally spent the whole day there and needless to say were totally exhausted when we left!

One major thing that I really loved about this farms besides the extensive amount of animals and ability to encounter with them was their safety policies. In an effort to protect your children guests are not admitted into the farm unless they have a child under 12 with them. Why is that so important? Well, it means that creepy perverts trying to steal your kids can’t come in unless of course they bring their own kids with them, but let’s not even go there right now. Also, everyone in your party is given a wristband with coordinating numbers so you are not allowed to leave the farm with a child unless your wristband matches theirs. It’s kinda like how Chuck E. Cheese operates minus the crappy pizza and screaming kids! Ha ha. Seriously though, I think this is brilliant and any extra steps they want to take to help protect my child works for me.

Now, onto the fun stuff about the farm – it’s absolutely HUGE with so many things to do and see. And before I get any deeper in this post let me start off by telling you I am a total city girl. I had NO idea the animals would be out and about wandering through the farm, like not in pens, but actually OUT where we were. There were goats everywhere, sheep, birds, etc.

There was this adorable fuzzy sheep who could barely see his eyes. He was like a big teddy bear!

We purchased food so we could feed the goats and cows and it was so worth the mere $2.00.

Isabella was so in love with the goats and even got to sit in a chair with a baby one. So cute!

One goat was walking all around crying for her baby as a staff member took it somewhere so Isabella took it upon herself to “walk” the goat as she put it and kept telling it everything would be OK and it’s baby would come home soon. It was so adorable.

Isabella also fell in love with the fuzzy little bunnies and kept running into their house area to pet them. She especially loved Cricket who’s name I couldn’t remember, but of course the little bum did. She really has a memory like an elephant!

And for just $3 she got to ride a pony. This was definitely one of the highlights of her day!

We rode a hayride with Farmer Jack and despite the itchy hay, it was fun to see the back tour of the farm and take in the pretty scenery.

Isabella and my mom enjoyed the face painting area where Isabella decided to paint her own face. I told her she looked like a crazy woman and needed to let Grammie make a pretty picture on her face, but she proudly insisted that she liked being crazy. I guess it’s just self expression at this age and I should save my battle for if she ever thinks she’s gonna have purple hair or facial piercings?

Or maybe I should wait and pick my battle for when she decides she needs a pet snake. So not happening. Ever.

We had a picnic lunch, played for what felt like eternity in the free play area, visited the gift shop, and so much more.  It was an awesome day and I know we’ll be venturing out there again in the future!





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