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Grandma’s House

Posted on: September 17, 2010

Over the long holiday weekend Isabella and I stayed at my mom’s house or Grandma’s house as she now calls my mom. She used to be “Grammie”, but Isabella’s now on a Grandma kick. Yes, it totally makes my mom sound like a little old lady and I picture Estelle Getty (God rest her soul) every time I hear it, but whatever…

Anyways, my mom lives out in the country and at first I thought to myself what the heck will we do out there for more than a night?! But I was actually surprised to find there’s so much to do there. Definitely different stuff than what we usually do on the weekends at our house, but it was a fun change and it felt like we were on a vacation. A peaceful and tranquil vacation AKA no television, internet, and hardly any cell phone use except to text / chat with the hubs to give him Isabella updates!  🙂

We ate a delicious breakfast outside at the picnic table which Isabella absolutely loved. She enjoy swinging & munching on her breakfast while we indulged on homemade oatmeal berry bake (I’ll get the recipe for you all — it’s super easy, healthy, and delicious!).

Another morning we went to the local diner, The Hen House, for a delicious somewhat greasy, but so worth it breakfast.

Isabella helped with feeding the wild turkeys. She could so be a farm girl!

We looked for Moxie nearly all weekend long and were soooo excited once she finally let us pat her, even if it was just for 1/2 a second.

Of course once she ran off we were so sad and kept looking for her. Moxie is nothing like our kitty cats who follow us all around the house. She has important business to take care of like bringing home mice which gave us poor girls heart attacks! But then the little mouse “went home to find his Mama” so all was good…

We sat outside for endless hours relaxing on the front porch chatting, blowing bubbles, and eating way too many homemade chocolate chip cookies that we baked together.

We took a long walk which put my little friend to sleep. She napped for almost 3 hours in her carriage while my mom and I sat outside in the giant swing chatting and watching the beautiful little angel sleep. It’s amazing how fresh country air can make a baby sleep so peacefully for so many hours. If only she slept like that at home for me…

Isabella learned how to make her 1st official s’more on the fire pit although she decided she’d much rather eat the marshmallow first and then shove the chocolate in her mouth. Or better yet, eat her chocolate and then take little bits of ours when we turn our back.

It was also very exciting to sit in the tractor and pretend to be a farmer.

Oh and we can’t forget the excitement of learning that Grandma’s fridge does magic tricks. If you push the button ice magically flies out and hits you on the head if you’re not careful. But its soooo much fun, especially when Grandma’s not looking! I am now thankful we never got around to hooking up our ice machine at home.

 We pulled our babies around in Grandma’s gardening wagon. And we also loved making Grandma pull the wagon while she chased us through the yard as we squealed in delight and laughter till we crashed on the grass from exhaustion.

It was an awesome long weekend and we can’t wait to do it again soon!  🙂


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