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Sometimes You Just Need to Hug an M&M

Posted on: September 18, 2010

Last weekend was absolutely nuts. Like seriously outta control chaos. Sunday night we had my Dad over for dinner which was fine, but still whenever there’s company over you’re not fully relaxing, know what I mean? And then Saturday is when things got crazy.

That morning we ran to the mall for last minute Birthday presents. Of course there is no such thing as a quick run to the mall anymore, especially not when a toddler knows there is a Mickey store (the Disney store) nearby filled with lots of toys that she must have

Then we had a hair appointment that morning which means I got my ‘natural’ blonde hair touched up while Isabella got her bangs trimmed. And of course at the hair salon my friend gives Isabella one of those delicious Italian cookies which then turns into two. And then three when her Daddy comes by. And then of course there was the traditional lollipop which Isabella now helps herself too as she knows exactly what drawer they’re in. Ugh.

Then we gotta run to the store to grab Birthday cards. How the heck did I forget to grab cards?! Ugh. These were major milestone birthdays so there was no way I could just skip the cards this time. And of course we had to get our pic taken w/ that M&M up top. Everywhere we go we see these little M&M’s and Isabella insists on getting her pic taken w/ them. Too funny.

So then we run home to change and grab the presents we bought that morning. And run out to Surprise party #1. Isabella has a blast and plays w/ her little BFF. She eats lunch and cookies and cake and god only knows what other junk food when my back was turned. God help me…

And then we race outta party #2 to run home for a quick nap before party #2. That quick nap really wask quick as it only lasted about 1 hour if that compared to her usual 2 – 2 1/2 hour nap at school everyday. She didn’t want to wake up and lord knows I wish she could’ve kept sleeping as she was super cranky to put it nicely. Oh well.

So then we’re off to the races. We get to party #2 and Isabella gets her second wind. She’s the life of the party. She’s running around, chatting w/ random guests, and just having a great time. Was I having a great time? Uuum, not really. The hubs and I were taking turns playing chase the toddler AKA running after her before she left the function room or caused any trouble. But overall considering the time of night she was very well behaved, thank goodness. Of course there was that one little incident when she nearly took the waiter out. And not just any ‘ole waiter. The waiter carrying the GIANT BIRTHDAY CAKE for my BFF’s mom. Lord have mercy… Luckily, he was quick on his feet and the crisis was averted, but oh man that would’ve been a mess. And thank goodness my BFF is also Isabella’s godmother. I am not Catholic, but I am pretty sure there was some vow to God during the Christening that my BFF promised to always love Isabella even if she ruins her mom’s 60th Birthday cake. There was, right?! Yeah, let’s just assume there was…

And speaking of vows to always love Isabella…I think there was also one for if the child projectile vomits all over the place at the party, right?! Yup, she did. The poor child was saying her tummy hurt so we decided to leave quickly before she got sick and we figured since the cake part was done it was alright to leave. After all we had a toddler who needed to go to bed after a busy day. Well, we apparently should’ve left before she ate her 2nd piece of Birthday cake in one day along with who knows how much other junk food that her tummy isn’t used to consuming. And we should’ve left right then and there as soon as she was complaining of a tummy ache instead of giving her water which ultimately added to the mess. Oh yes, it was a mess. The hubs was covered, Isabella was covered, I was covered, and the floor was covered. Somehow it even ended up in my mouth, but let’s just not even discuss that right now…

After apologizing profusely to my BFF and making a quick getaway we left the party. Isabella’s tummy no longer hurt her and she wanted to eat, but instead we opted for apple juice and a very thorough bath before heading straight to bed. 

The moral of this story is don’t let them eat cake. Kidding! Seriously, I learned the hard way not to plan so much into one single day that my poor child gets sick with exhaustion and of course from here on out I am back to watching Isabella like a hawk at parties & making sure she only eats a little bit of junk food. Her tummy’s just not used to all that sugar and crap.

So this weekend we’re taking it slower and just hugging M&M’s for excitement…

To my BFF if you’re reading this post — don’t worry I won’t let Isabella anywhere near your wedding cake!  🙂


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