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I Big Pink Puffy Heart Gymboree

Posted on: September 19, 2010

I’ve always been a huge fan of Gymboree and their adorable childrens’ lines. I mean, what’s not to love?! The attention to detail they put into their clothing lines is unbelievable. You can literally coordinate your child from head to toe from their cute hair bows all the way down to the socks & shoes. Shoot, you can even buy coordinating undies if you want, but that’s a little extreme even for me.

While I love their super cute stuff, I don’t particularly love their pricey tickets. Yes, their clothing is definitely more durable and will last longer than other brands, but with a toddler sometimes durability doesn’t matter if she stains the outfit at school and I can’t get a paint stain out of a $40 sweater, right?! And the way Isabella grows like a weed, I just can’t justify spending full price on something that could potentially only last a few months.

So what’s a Minnie Mama to do? Shop the giant clearance sales!  And that’s exactly what I did a few weeks ago. I spent enough $$ to earn $50.00 gymbucks which means they lure (sucker) me into coming back again in October and I get to buy $100.00 worth of merchandise for only $50.00. Good deal!

So long story short, I went a little crazy at Gymboree’s last “Fill-A-Bag” Sale as everything was an additional 30% off and then I had a 20% off your total purchase coupon so I scored wicked good deals!  🙂

Check out the wicked cute outfits Isabella will be sporting this fall:

Wicked cute doggy outfit w/ coordinating hair bows!

“Fabulous” polka dot outfit w/ those same hair bows. I love when everything is inter-changeable!

Cute purple horse outfit — just need to find a little top to wear under the hoodie. I’m thinking a basic plain top AKA inexpensive or on clearance.  🙂

Absolutely adorable and so precious little jean dress. This is part of that horse line too. Again, interchangeable hair bows. I’m thinking cute little brown Mary Jane type shoes or maybe even cowgirl boots for a little spunk?!

This was a happy compromise dress as Isabella saw a corduroy dress COVERED in ugly horses and that was just not happening. Sorry Gymboree, but you really failed w/ that dress. But this soft sweater dress w/ a little hood was wicked cute. They had horse tights to wear w/ it, but honestly I think that’s a little much…

Seriously, how cute are these outfits? Isabella is gonna be the best dressed and cutest kid at preschool!  🙂

Oh and those Gym Bucks, I totally already have them spent. Two words – Smart Kitty. It’s the cutest pink leopard print line and I just MUST get it. Like every piece of it. Literally…


1 Response to "I Big Pink Puffy Heart Gymboree"

Love that sweater dress! Embrace the Gymboree years. My oldest now just wants Justice! 😉

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