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Super Mom. Super Fail.

Posted on: October 2, 2010

In my pre-Isabella days, I was a crazed perfectionist with the slightest touch of OCD. Seriously, I do think I suffered from OCD. Not even kidding. I didn’t view it as suffering or a disease as I actually thrived on my passion for organization, regime, and strict schedules. Perhaps those around me suffered from my rigid behavior, but that’s a whole other blog post.

However, since Isabella’s early arrival nearly three years ago that sent my total world of planning into a tail spin (so much for Doctor’s accuracy with due dates!) everything has changed. Well, let me correct that statement, nearly everything has changed. I am still a bit OCD w/ stuff and a total planner, but I try to be more flexible and go with the flow while still remaining the hottest Super Mom around. Kidding. Seriously though, lately all of my “Super Mom” moments haven’t really worked out too well for me.

For example, last week I made up this whole awesome menu plan and stuck it to the fridge so our evening meals could be prepared quickly and effortlessly by our fabulous housekeeper, right after she cleaned the whole house from top to bottom. Yes, the meals would be on the table right when we got home from work, famished and ready to eat. Okay so apparently someone forgot to tell me that our housekeeper just up and quit because when I got home last week there was no food on the table and the house was a total disaster! Alright, enough with my sarcasm and all kidding aside, this menu planning idea was supposed to be genius and make life so much easier. And overall it really did work out awesome with the exception of the crock pot chicken. OMG, I cannot for the life of me make anything in the crock pot all day long without it tasting dry and gross. I added chicken stock, seasonings, veggies, the whole chicken, and cooked it on low for 7 hours so it totally should’ve been delicious, but no it sucked. The chicken was floating in a sea of liquid and surprisingly it was still dry. WTF?! I totally give up on the whole crock pot for dinner idea. It doesn’t work for me. Total Super Mom Fail #1!

My BFF is getting married this month and long story short, I totally forgot to mail back my RSVP w/ our meal selections by the due date. Total Super Mom Fail #2!

I tried figuring out bills and let’s just say it didn’t all add up. Total Super Mom Fail #3! **Side note the retail therapy session is over and the stuff went back to the store so it’s all good now.

My child is potty training and does awesome at school w/ the potty and when we go to the mall, restaurants, friend’s houses, but at home she all of a sudden wants no part of it. Total Super Mom Fail #4!

I thought I was right on with my eating & exercising, but guess what I gained 2 lbs! A total WTF moment! Total Super Mom Fail #5! **Yes, it was most likely due to you know what as I am now back down to my normal weight, but I was still super mad!

I haven’t kept up with my blogging like I wanted too. There’s just not enough hours in the day and it’s even worse when your toddler refuses to go to sleep and stays up till 10:30pm so you both fall asleep together. Yes, it’s bad if your toddler is almost 3 and still sleeps in your bed with you & there’s no signs of ever getting your bed back again. Total Super Mom Fail #6, #7, #8!

Alright so this list could actually keep going on and on as there’s been lots of Total Super Mom Failures lately, but honestly it’s starting to depress me a bit. I try really hard to be Super Mom which I know is an impossible feat, but I try nonetheless. However, I’m turning over a new leaf and I’m going to try to just be me. Not Super Mom. Just Minnie Mama who does fail at a lot of stuff, but who realizes that at the end of the day those silly failures don’t matter. All that matters is that our family is healthy & happy, right?!  🙂

Yes, there’s no pic for this post because that was another fail. However, visualize this — a batch of runny brownies full of confectionary sugar. You see, if you add too much oil & water to a brownie mix and don’t have a back-up mix to make a new batch for the party then it’s a great idea to add confectionary sugar to it. It will totally thicken the brownies up and if anything just make them extra delicious and sweet. NOT! Yup, let’s add that to the list of Super Mom Fails…


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