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The Fish Killer – Part II

Posted on: October 20, 2010

Finding Nemo

Remember my post about how freaked out I was that I was a fish killer and how would I ever explain it to Isabella? Well, about two weeks ago she finally realized her fish were missing and asked about them.

It was early Saturday morning and I was getting ready to get in the shower when I heard Isabella’s little feet running around the kitchen. She was pacing like a crazy woman. What was that child doing? Exercising? And then I heard the chair slide across the kitchen floor. The shower would have to wait — lord knows what she was planning to get into so I had to go check it out. She was standing in front of the empty counter with her little hands waving around the air, a look of total disbelief and shock was all over her face. A big emphasized breath in followed by the following words filled with much excitement and energy: Oh my god! What happened to my fish?! Where did my fish go?!

At that very moment I saw my beautiful and relaxing 10 minutes of peace in the shower flash before my eyes. For sure the next moment was going to be filled with crying and demands to find her fish. Our pre-arranged story of how Cheeseburger & French Frie (yes, that is what she wanted to name them) swam home to their Mama and Daddy just like in Finding Nemo was never going to work. Dammit. So of course I did what any smart Mama would do — I ran like hell back into the bathroom, shut the door, turned the shower on and jumped right in!  🙂

Now before you’re like OMG how could you do that?! That’s terrible! You awful mother! Just know that lucky for me the hubs was in the living room watching TV and I figured it was payback for the endless nights of nursing I’ve endured (yes, I know he can’t nurse, but it’s still tiring when it’s lasted as long as Isabella has — don’t ask, just trust me!).

And then a few moments go by and I am pleasantly surprised that my shower has not been interrupted by the hubs begging me to calm her down or more typically Isabella running into the bathroom crying for Mama to get out and hold her baby. Oh snap. As soon as I though that, I hear a little person in the bathroom with me. Mama! Do you know where my fish are? Pause. Wait. Crap. What did the hubs tell her? Did he stick with our plan?! Oh man. I hesitated and then casually said What do you mean? She giggled and said Mama my fishies went home to see their Mama & Daddy just like Nemo. Oh praise the lord, the hubs stuck to our story and she believed it & was happy with that. Phew.

Now fast forward two more weeks and Isabella asks for her fish again. I tell her the same story about how they went home to see their Mama and Daddy and she tells me one of the fishies was THE Mama. They went to see their Daddy I ask her? And she smiles at with that adorable devilish grin and says No Mama! They went on vacation to visit their Grandma! Okay whatever she says as long as she’s happy and there’s no tears over those damn fish we’re good.

Now what are we ever gonna do when that awful day comes that our kitties are no longer with us?  She’ll probably want a dog (I will cave and get one) and then a few years later she will go off to college. BAM. I will be stuck at home w/o my baby and with a damn dog….


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