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I’m Somebody’s Mom

Posted on: October 23, 2010

Usually I try to keep this blog just about Isabella and Mama stuff, but every now and then I feel the need to share a little bit about Minnie Mama’s personal, personal life with you and lucky (or maybe not so lucky?) this is one of those times…

My BFF, like seriously she’s been my best friend for ever and ever literally. Okay well maybe not forever, but since I was 4 so that’s like forever and if you knew my age then trust me it’s a wicked long time!  🙂 Anyways, back to the point — my BFF is getting married!! Yay. Long story short, I missed the 1st bachelorette party which was a girls’ weekend at Mohegan Sun. Asides from the fact that (a) I honestly couldn’t afford the getaway and (b) I truly had NO babysitter to watch her overnight on that weekend (the hubs was working crazy hours),  Isabella & I are Siamese twins so everyone knows my views on leaving her overnight.  However, I still felt incredibly guilty for not going and really hoped my BFF would understand. Ugh, finding the balance between being a good friend & a good Mama is so hard sometimes!!

So when the MOH texted me to say they were planning a 2nd Girls Night Out in Boston for the bride, of course I was determined to go. It was a bit of a struggle to find a babysitter, but the hubs is awesome and he rearranged his schedule to stay home that night so I could go out w/ the girls. Score!

And then it hit me. OMG. I literally have not been “out” as in out on the town w/ the girls and no hubs since before I was prego so that was like over 4 years ago. OMG again. What the heck was I gonna wear? Oh crap. I needed to go shopping…

I went to sooo many stores at the mall and everything was either too young or too old. Nothing was just right. I went into that store Forever 21 and let’s just say not one single person in there looked like they were even over 21. Finally, I went into Charlotte Russe and honestly this was my 1st time ever stepping foot into that store as it’s usually not my kinda place to shop, but I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t too bad. Sure the clothes may fall apart the 1st time I wash them, but for just 1 night out, I am sure they will work. The store manager actually assisted me w/ picking out my outfit and she was super nice. I will admit though the 1st few outfits she had me try on were so not my style as I just kept saying But I’m somebody’s Mom. I can’t wear that OUT! She got a good laugh from me and finally I found a cute top (pictured above) to wear w/ dark jeans and heeled boots.

The night of the party came and we didn’t go out till almost 10pm. 10pm! Usually I am in bed at that time. Wow, I sound old and boring, huh?! The hubs is friends w/ the GMs’ at Sanctuary club so we went there and they hooked us up w/ being on the VIP list, comp admission, and a VIP table w/ wait staff. It was awesome — thanks to Paulina & Artie at Sanctuary and thanks hubs!  🙂

It was a really fun & crazy night out w/ the girls, but I can’t tell you anything else because what happens during a bachelorette party stays between the girls, but I will tell you this — guys at bars are creepy! Yup, I totally forgot just how creepy and gross guys are. My line for the night was “I’m somebody’s Mom!” along with “Do you really wanna see my right hook?!” and then a few other lines, but we don’t need to go into that as there’s too many beep beeps. Why can’t a girl just go out w/ her friends w/o dealing with all of the other BS?! Oh well…

It was a nice change of pace to go out and be silly w/ the girls, but I am not going to lie — I absolutely could not wait to go home and wash my face & climb into bed with my little Princess Monkey Bum. I think that’s the last “night out” I will be having for a very long time…

P.S. In case any of you are going “out” anytime soon and forgot what it’s like — don’t bother spending too much time on your makeup like I did, the clubs are totally dark. Yup, I looked so cute w/ my makeup all done just to find myself in the dark w/ a bunch of drunk creepy guys.  I’d so much rather sit at home & play makeup w/ Isabella while we dance in the living room – that’s my idea of the perfect wild & crazy Saturday night!  🙂


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