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Should We Fight for Animal Rights?!

Posted on: October 24, 2010

Lately I feel like a total hypocrite. I am all about animals and their rights and yet I still participate in things I am against. Stupid, huh?! Seriously, it’s like an inner battle I am fighting and it sucks. This is the problem — Isabella is OBSESSED with animals (dogs, cats, elephants, horse, etc.) so I take her to ride the elephants, ponies, circus, zoo, etc. and she has a total blast. We take pics and have a great time. But then I really feel bad because I know it’s just not right. These are wild animals that should be free and not stuck in some 4X4 cage!  Yes, I will blog about our fun times w/ Beulah because she’s a family favorite in our house and Isabella adores her, but still I know it’s not right. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a crazed PETA person and I do eat meat (sometimes although that is another inner battle!), but I still feel the need to speak up on this issue.

For example, check out this adorable kangaroo. He’s a fairly good sized animal that as we all know needs a lot of room to jump around and be free, right?! Well, he can’t. Why you ask?! Because he’s stuck in this little teeny tiny cage all day long for days and days at a time in the freezing cold New England air (October is cold here!) at a fair. And then after this fair he travels to another one. And he’s all alone w/o other kangaroos to socialize with. It’s like a jail cell. Poor thing!

And there’s this camel. He’s all by himself too in a small pen. Sure, he gets to walk around throughout the day, but that’s when he’s giving endless rides to children and adults at the fair who pay $5 a head to his owner who just gets richer and richer every year.

And of course there’s our beloved Beulah! She’s the show stopper for this traveling animal show. We all love her so much. She’s Isabella’s favorite and literally hasn’t stopped talking about her since last year when she rode her. Yes, we rode on her several times and fed her apples, but it’s still not right. This poor animal has such a SMALL area to walk around in and she’s all alone. Did you know that elephants are very social animals and prefer to be in herds of other elephants or they become lonely? Well, they do and sadly enough Beulah is all alone… Sure, she has her owner and their help who take care of her, but it’s not the same. She should be free to roam the land or at least free to roam in a protected elephant habitat. Plus elephants shouldn’t be owned. They should be free…

I spoke to the owner of this show and he seemed nice enough. I guess my husband’s known them for years and years, but you know what?! Having an elephant, kangaroo, ponies hooked up to a wheel for hours, a camel with no space to roam, etc. is still not cool w/ me. Yes, I get this is how the family makes money and survives, but it’s just not right. If you want to have animals as pets because you love them so much that’s fine. But provide them with the proper living conditions. Don’t transport them from spot to spot so you can make a few bucks off them. It’s just not cool…

I did a bit of research online and apparently this particular company has many, many issues with how they handle the care of the elephants. http://www.mediapeta.com/peta/pdf/Commerford-Petting-Zoo-pdf.pdf 

They also own a Zoo in CT, but I am not including that weblink as I don’t want to give them any media attention as they don’t deserve it. Sorry to sound mean and yes I know we rode Beulah several times, but I will be the 1st person to say it’s wrong and I know it…

And don’t even get me started on this poor giraffe (owned by a different company, I think?) who was under a tent so short that he literally couldn’t even hold his head up. I am not kidding. The poor thing had to stand hunched over like this all day long for days and days during this particular fair!!!!!!!!!!


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