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The Wedding

Posted on: October 30, 2010

As I mentioned before, my BFF is getting married. Well, actually she’s already married now, but her wedding was tonight. It was absolutely beautiful and she was the most gorgeous bride ever. I am not just saying that because she’s my BFF either. Seriously, she looked like an angel — the dress, the hair, the makeup, everything was perfect.

I’m not going to blog all about her personal business as it’s not my place, but I do plan on telling you a little bit about Isabella because I just can’t resist.  🙂

She walked down the aisle all by herself and did an awesome job. Yay! This was her 3rd wedding as a flower girl so I guess my toddler is an old pro now. So much that as I was coming down she was like “Mama, don’t forget to walk all the way around!”.

Of course she got kinda antsy during the ceremony, but in her defense she’s a toddler and it was a full Catholic mass — I get antsy too. So we stepped to the back of the church for a few minutes so we wouldn’t disturb anyone w/o the risk of missing anything either. It was truly beautiful and I am so happy for my BFF and her hubs.  🙂

The reception was soooo much fun and they had an awesome DJ who played the best songs — new and from back in the day, so fun. Isabella just wanted to dance all night long. She’s a party animal!

The food was delicious, the cake was to-die-for, the decorations and atmosphere was awesome, everything was perfect.

Congratulations to my BFF and her new hubs! I love you guys so much and wish you much love & happiness for the rest of your lives. We were so honored to be a part of your special day. Congratulations again!!  🙂


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