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Posted on: November 17, 2010

The hubs and I seriously love to travel and I am proud to say that having a child hasn’t put a damper on our adventures. However, for those of you who know how I pack then you know how much stuff I bring w/ me on vacation, now add a toddler into the mix and OMG! Yup, in the past there’s been moments when I thought the hubs was either gonna leave me at the airport or depending on his mood (i.e. how much stuff I packed) demand a divorce right then & there at the luggage terminal.

To say I pack a lot of must haves for Isabella is an understatement. But in my defense children do need a lot of stuff — carriages, car seats, pack ‘n plays, baby tubs, monitors — the list just goes on and on, but you get the idea. However, let’s be totally honest here it’s a major PIA to put it nicely to lug all of that through the airport, through the security check, and then retrieve it off the conveyor belt and attempt to lug all the way down to your rental car just to find out it’s not all gonna fit because your frugal wife reserved the tiniest car possible to save money — all of this is hypothetical of course!   🙂

Now imagine there was a way to never encounter this situation. Imagine there was a way that you could just worry about packing a suitcase along w/ the diaper bag. How heavenly would that be?! You would do it, right?! Of course you would if you had any common sense and wanted to make sure your vacation started off right w/ absolutely no hassles! Well, guess what?! Thanks to No Hassle Vacations you can pack almost like you did pre-baby because they will deliver all the must have baby gear right to your accommodations! And for those of you w/ older kids or even those w/ no kids who don’t feel my pain of lugging all the “fun” baby gear then don’t stop reading this post because No Hassle Vacations is for you too — they rent out practically anything and everything you could need for your Florida vacation!

Here’s a little overview of this amazing company: No Hassle Vacations is your fully licensed, fully insured Rental Equipment Resource. For the past twelve years we have specialized in providing rental equipment to the vacationers in the greater Orlando area. Under new management since the fall of 2008, our goal is to provide the finest customer service and the cleanest, newest equipment in the rental equipment market.

Our professional staff will deliver, set up and retrieve BBQ grills, baby equipment, rollaway beds, mobility scooters and more to your villa, condo or hotel making any rental equipment request a “No Hassle” experience. Our Baby equipment, including cribs, high chairs, pack & plays, and strollers, are sanitized before delivery.

BBQ grills are delivered clean, with a full tank of propane and ready to be fired up. Our equipment is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If it´s not working, we will fix or replace the equipment as soon as possible or that rental is on us.

Okay so that’s what they have to say about themselves, but do you want to know Minnie Mama’s honest opinion? They are selling themselves short on their overview. Yup, that’s right — they forget to mention how they are incredibly awesome and seriously the answer to all of your pack lightly prayers. Please don’t tell me that I am the only who literally prays that my suitcase will not exceed the weight limit…

So anyways, as you all know we just got back from our Walt Disney World vacation and as always it was absolutely amazing and so much fun. While I love the actual vacation aspect of traveling, I usually despise the packing & airport of it as it’s just such a hassle, but not this time thanks to No Hassle Vacations! Lisa from No Hassle Vacations so kindly provided Minnie Mama the chance to review their company and as a result we didn’t have to drag our carriage through the airport which is a huge relief as I am very OCD about my precious carriage.

However, I will admit that I was a bit hesitant about renting a carriage as both Minnie Mama and Mini Minnie Mama are very partial to our beloved carriage. I checked out their website and saw they offer several types of carriages, but I wasn’t sure which one we’d be given. On our last vacation we rented a carriage and it was great, but would this experience compare to our last one? Would the rental carriage be comfortable enough for Isabella? Would it be comfortable and high enough for us to push? Would it be easy to fold up? 

And then I was trying to decide what company we should rent a carriage from? Should we rent through our previous rental company or should I be daring and try someone new? Or maybe we should just rent one at the parks each day? But then if we rented one at the parks we’d only be able to use it at that one park and shelling out $15 per a day per a park seems kinda silly since we like to park hop! Not to mention those park rental carriages are made up of hard uncomfortable plastic plus they can’t even recline. And then what would we do when we visited the Outlets or Downtown Disney? She’s way too heavy to carry everywhere plus she’d want to get down and run wild!

After doing much research and careful consideration we chose to work with No Hassle Vacations who I truly can’t say enough good things about! I worked with Lisa and she was super nice — she responded promptly to all of my emails and answered all of my questions about their rental process. She was awesome!

Speaking of the rental process, it was super easy and I just needed to tell Lisa how many children the carriage was for, the type of carriage I wanted as they have numerous to choose from, my travel dates, and what resort I was staying at. It was a piece of cake and stress free!

Upon checking into the resort, I just had to check in w/ Bell Services and presto my carriage was there waiting for me and that’s where I would also drop it off upon our departure. Seriously, this couldn’t have been easier!

The carriage which I was given was the City Mini Single Jogger which holds one single child up to 50 lbs. This was a perfect match for Isabella and it was really comfortable for her. However, if you have more than one child, a heavier child, or just need something super light and small then fear not No Hassle Vacations carries a wide selection of rental strollers to meet every family’s needs!

I was very excited and honored to test out the City Mini Single Stroller as Lisa told me it’s their newest line of carriage rentals. I was literally the first person to use this particular carriage and I realized that because certain parts of the carriage still had tissue paper over it. The carriage features a 3 point harness which is great for my active little one who likes to try to climb out of her carriage.

Also, for the few times that Isabella fell asleep the carriage reclined way back so she could comfortably take a power nap in between all of the Disney excitement. And when she was napping we pulled the canopy cover all the way over her so there was literally no sunlight peeking in at her something I wish our carriage at home did!

And it also featured a storage basket underneath that held a great deal and was super easy to access.

One of my favorite features of this amazing carriage was how incredibly simple it was to fold up and then open again. Literally all you do is pull the two little cloth handles in the seat of the carriage and it folds up instantly. There are no buttons to push in; no 2 pieces to disassemble and then fold up (like w/ mine); no handle bars to push down; etc. idea!) It’s so easy that I even did it while juggling Isabella on my hip in the rain! Seriously how many carriages are easy enough to fold up w/ a toddler on your hip in the rain?!

We absolutely loved every second of renting this carriage and Isabella loved riding in it. She didn’t give us a hard time at all when we told her she had to get back in as she usually does at home. Nope, she just climbed right in and sat back to enjoy her chauffeured ride. Of course we told her Cinderella let her borrow it for the week so she’d be just like Cinderella riding to the ball in her pumpkin coach as it was orange too, but whatever works, right?!

If you are planning an upcoming family trip to the Orlando area then I strongly suggest renting a carriage through No Hassle Vacations! Not only are they fabulous to work with and provide quality rentals, but their rates are super affordable and reasonable. They are less expensive than renting a hard, plastic, Disney World carriage and they even cost less than many of their competitor rental companies!

And like I said before, don’t feel left out if you don’t need to rent a carriage. They also rent out nearly any kind of baby gear you could need both big & small items; cribs / beds / cots; mobility scooters & wheelchairs; grills in case you’re renting a house and want to enjoy a BBQ; and tables & chairs for that BBQ party you’re throwing. All of your needs will be met if you rent from this amazing rental company and I promise you that all of your expectations will be exceeded! Just ask for Lisa as she’s absolutely wonderful to work with and I know that she & her team will take great care of you!   🙂

Minnie Mama and the family will definitely be contacting No Hassle Vacations again for all of our future WDW vacations!

Important Disclosure: No monetary compensation was received. Minnie Mama did receive a complimentary carriage rental to help facilitiate her review, but all of the opinions expressed are solely her own and 100% true based on her personal rental experience.



2 Responses to "No Hassle Vacations"

Good to hear it was a nice vacation. Vacations sometimes can be such a hassle but when you can find rental services for baby or children it makes it so much easier. Recently on my trip to Hawaii, i used nana enterprises and it was great! Made my trip so much better. I have included a link above. Thanks for the post!

It’s nice to see that others like the same things that I do.

I love florida, my villa that I had while I was in orlando had a stunning
golf course with funny animals (looked like squirrels but they were a funny colour)

There were 8 of us when we went and had such a great time.

The swimming pool was just right, the only thing I wish we has done was to
hire a car to get around, and we missed out on going to disney 😦

We loved out luxury florida villa and would go back tomorrow if we could!


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