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Does Boston Really Need Fours Seasons? Three Works Better for Me!

Posted on: November 19, 2010

Honestly, I think Minnie Mama is just never happy. It’s true. I grew up in the Boston area and lived here my whole life. But when I was 19 I met this guy and we moved to Florida. The guy turned out to be my hubs so it worked out obviously, but for the record Isabella better not even think about doing this to me unless of course she has a 2 bedroom condo so Minnie Mama can come w/ her. My baby is just not allowed to leave her Mama and move that far away, okay?!  🙂

Anyways, we lived in Florida and I hated it. Among the many reasons including being homesick, I didn’t like the heat. It’s wicked hot down there. Like you sweat in places you didn’t know could sweat, get the picture?!

So now fast forward many years and we’re back here where we belong. Of course I am not happy at the moment. Well, I am happy, but just not happy w/ this season. I like fall, I do. I like the pretty leaves although they suck to rake, but actually the hubs hires someone so scratch that complaint. I like the crisp weather as it lets me wear cute sweaters and boots. But I know that winter is coming and that’s what makes me crazy. It’s starting to get dark before I even leave work now and I feel like I live in a cave. I never see sunlight and it’s depressing. Not to mention how incredibly cold it’s getting….

Last week we got back from our WDW vacation and OMG the weather was awesome. It was cool and in the 70’s so you could wear jeans and tees, perfect. If only I could bring that weather up here to Boston then I’d be happy. I think, right?!  🙂

But since I am definitely not relocating (Minnie Mama doesn’t like change!) I decided I need to just deal w/ it and think about what I do like about this particular season. And after much consideration, this is my favorite thing about fall:

Yup this little person sitting in the tree is what I love most about Fall. Honestly though does Boston really need four seasons? Three works much better for me…


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