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Cheese, TV, and Five Minutes

Posted on: November 20, 2010

I will be the first person to express how strongly I feel about kids watching too much TV and how uncool it is for parents to use the TV as a babysitter all day long. Honestly, I really try to limit the amount of TV Isabella watches to 1 or 2 shows max per a day, if that. Kids should use their imagination playing indoors or outdoors, run around for exercise, play w/ toys, listen / read stories, color, etc. so with all of the many activities your little one can enjoy there’s no need for kids to sit in front of a TV for hours and hours. But on the flip side sometimes you just need peaceful five minutes all to yourself to get ready in the morning and that horrid TV can be a lifesaver, know what I mean? So I just give little Minnie Mouse a piece of cheese, turn Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on, and voila I have five full minutes to do whatever I need to do. Not a whole day, not hours, not a 1/2 hour, just five minutes. Only five minutes you’re thinking to yourself? Yes, that’s right just five minutes — not because I only need five minutes, but because little Mini Minnie Mama typically realizes after about five minutes (if that) that I’ve left the room and she makes it her personal mission to hunt me down like a crazed animal looking for their prey — she prefers to call herself a coyote or a Maine Wolf. She watches Go Diego Go so she’s a little obsessed w/ pretending to be different animals and of course making me be any animal that walks on all fours so she can climb on my back for a ride which is so fun for Mama, but at least she’s being using her imagination and playing instead of just sitting in front of a TV.

Anyways, Minnie Mama and Mini Minnie Mama are like two peas in a pod, Siamese twins, BFF’s, whatever you wanna call us that means we are joint at the hip and totally inseparable (with the exception of work / preschool which I love every moment of. However, there is always that occasion when you just need five minutes all to yourself so do what you gotta do and enjoy those five minutes.  🙂


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