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Progresso Reduced Sodium Soups Review & Giveaway

Posted on: November 26, 2010

As I may have mentioned once or twice, Minnie Mama is always trying to eat healthy and she hates the cold weather. Put those two things together and what do you have? You have a Minnie Mama who’s obsessed with soup! Yup, it’s true. I absolutely LOVE soup and literally eat it everyday for lunch and sometimes dinner too. I mean, what’s not to love about soup? It’s the perfect low calorie / low fat comfort food that totally fills you up while still being super healthy! And it’s the perfect lunch for a busy Mama  as I just grab a can on my way out the door.

But I am soup snob and I refuse to eat just any kind of soup. I only eat Progresso brand, not even joking. I’ve tried other brands that will remain nameless as I don’t want to be mean, but they just don’t compare — they are either too watery or too salty or just too gross. Nothing compares to my Progresso! It’s the only brand of soup that I will buy for myself and my family — bottom line, it’s the best!

So can you imagine my excitement when I was contacted by My Blog Spark to review a new line of soup by Progresso?! Yes, I know this may sound sad, but this is what Minnie Mama’s life has boiled down too — sheer excitement over testing out soups. It’s true. I was honestly estatic and I am not even bein sarcastic, just ask the hubs who now has proof I am nuts!  🙂 Anyways, back to my story — I was chosen to try out Progresso’s new line of reduced sodium soups!

My Blog Spark generously sent me two delicious cans of  Progresso’s Reduced Sodim Tomato Basil Parmesan soup, an awesome Progresso mug that’s microwave safe and holds a whole can of soup w/o spilling over, along with a balance ball and a work out DVD. How cool is that?!

So I sampled devoured the soup and OMG it’s absolutely delicious! It’s the best tasting tomato soup I’ve ever had and since it’s reduce sodium I also ate the 2nd can for dinner that night! I didn’t feel guilty about eating too much sodium and any excuse to not cook dinner works for me, especially when the hubs is out and it’s just me & Princess Monkey Bum. So Isabella and I shared the delicious soup along w/ grilled cheese sandwiches — it was the perfect and most satisfying dinner I’ve had in a long time. Totally healthy and delicious!

Now if only my lazy butt would get on that balance ball life would be a little more balanced, but that’s a whole other story. And in the meantime, Isabella is having a blast bouncing it around my living room and trying to roll on it. At least one of us is working out, right?! Ugh…

Anyways, Minnie Mama and My Blog Spark have teamed up to give one of my loyal readers a chance to win this same prize pack! Interested? Just follow the rules / directions below for your chance to win. Good luck!

 How to Enter: 

  • Leave a comment telling me your favorite kind of soup or how you incorporate soup into your daily life.

Additional Entries: 

  • Subscribe to Minnie Mama’s Blog and leave a comment letting me know you did.
  • Comment on any of my other posts. I love, love, love comments!
  • Blog about this contest on your blog and then leave a comment w/ your blog link letting me know you did.

Rules: You do not need to be a blogger to enter, but you must have a valid email address and be 18 years or older. This contest will be closed on Sunday, December 5th at midnight and a winner will be chosen randomly. The winner will be contacted via email. However, the winner must respond within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen. 

Important Disclosure: No monetary compensation was received, but I did receive a special prize pack for myself & one of my readers from My Blog Spark and Progresso to help faciliate my review. However, all of the opinions expressed are 100% true.


23 Responses to "Progresso Reduced Sodium Soups Review & Giveaway"

I commented on your Wordless Wednesday post in front of the Disney Castle!

I’m subscribing to your feed via Google reader

My favorite soup is High Fiber Tomato!

I love split pea and ham. MMmmmm! Good stuff.

Commented on you Dear Aunt Jemima post. Thanks!

Subscribed via Google Reader
mandalarctic at gmail dot com

My favorite is the Progresso Low Sodium Chicken Gumbo
mandalarctic at gmail dot com

Commented on your ‘Dear Aunt Jemima’ post. I loved it!

Subscribed with Google RSS!

My all-time favorite soup is Clam Chowder (is that still soup?!). Second favorite would be Chicken Noodle 🙂

Sure, that’s def a soup! I haven’t clam chowder in a while, but now you’ve got me in the mood for it!! LOL 🙂

Italian Wedding Soup is my favorite. I like to eat soup for lunch.

Italian Wedding Soup is my favorite. I like to eat soup for lunch.

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

I love Italian wedding soup. Honestly, I don’t eat a lot of soup unless I’m sick! It’s good for you though (depending on the type). A lot of veggies 🙂

My favorite kind of soup is fully-loaded potato (with cheddar and bacon) 🙂 *Thanks* for the giveaway!

I’m a subscriber. Thanks!

My fav is clam chowder, with fresh warm bread made with my bread machine!

My favorite kind of soup has to be Portuguese Kale Soup. So delicious. Kale, potatoes, chorizo, onions, and sometimes carrots and kidney beans. Mmm…

I’d love to enter this giveaway thanks for hosting it!

I just subscribed to your blog. And I also commented on one of your other blog posts. 🙂

I love eating soup for breakfast my favorite Hearty chicken Noodle soup!

Hi Carla,

Soup for breakfast, really? I’ve never thought of eating it for breakfast, but I think you might be on to something… It’s warm, filling, and low in cal / fat! Oooh, Carla — I am so eating soup tomorrow morning! Thanks for the tip!! 🙂


If anyone at work looks at me funny tomorrow morning when I’m heating up my soup, I am just gonna tell them Carla does it too, okay? Hee hee 🙂

My favorite soup is beef barley with clam chowder coming in at a close second.


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