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Pearl Harbor Day

Posted on: December 7, 2010

This is a revision to my original post that I wrote yesterday about Pearl Harbor Day…

I received an email from a reader expressing her outrage and anger with my post on how Pearl Harbor Day was so unimportant to me and it really made me think twice. I truly didn’t mean to offend anyone or come across as selfish or uneducated. Honestly, I do know all about Pearl Harbor Day as my grandparents were stationed there and I have heard their stories many times over the years. I completely understand the tremendous sacrifice of thousands of American men and women who gave their lives to fight and protect our country and I will forever be grateful & proud. I am very blessed to be an American citizen and I am very supportive & thankful of all of our troops — past, present, and future. I help to support various fundraisers supporting the troops and have family members who serve so please believe me when I say I truly am sorry as the original post was not meant to come across as offensive.

I didn’t set out to upset anyone and it definitely wasn’t me ranting or whining about how I wanted the spotlight to be on my pregnancy or my child. Trust me, when I rant & rave you will know it – just ask the hubs!  🙂  Instead this post was a poor attempt to reflect on how I felt throughout my pregnancy when sharing my due date with others. I was trying to make my readers laugh and relate to my “due date story”, but reading it back now I can see how it came out all wrong…

I truly am sorry if I offended anyone as if you know me personally then you know I am the last person in the world who ever wants to piss anyone off or cause unneccessary drama.

While I did erase the original post, I will tell you this — long story short, Isabella’s original due date was 12/7 (Pearl Harbor Day) and it got tiresome hearing people tell me Ooh you’re due date is Pearl Harbor Day as they’d then proceed to tell me I should name the baby Pearl. But as you all know Isabella ended up being my Thanksgiving weekend baby and I couldn’t have been happier. She made an early, unexpected appearance into the world and well she’s been full of surprises ever since. God, I just love that beautiful little girl and she’ll always be the most important Pearl in my world!  🙂


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