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Wordless Wednesday

Posted on: December 8, 2010

Alright so before I get tons of emails saying how wrong it is to take a pic of my kid having a tantrum and then post the pic of her doing it, let me just admit that I have a twisted sense of humor! 

Seriously though, I absolutely love that pic of Isabella and think she looks wicked cute — the adorable little pig tail braids w/ matching bows, the snow white dress, and the little sad pout. I LOVE IT!  And just for the record, she was having a tantrum — she wasn’t hurt or sick or upset over something major. She heard the word “no” and didn’t like it so she pulled out the drama queen card. Sorry, but screaming and crying doesn’t always work in my house — sometimes it might depending on the situation, but overall I try to stand my ground.  🙂


1 Response to "Wordless Wednesday"

Well goodness me….that is quite something….I must admit she does look rather darling…and that face…oh my!

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