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Posted on: December 13, 2010

Express yourself…you know that song? I think it was Madonna who sang it like a million years ago? <<sidenote, just found the above pic and it was Madonna! There was a line in her song when she was like “…you’ve got to express yourself!”. Anyways, the words are totally true and that’s why I blog. To express myself. This is MY creative outlet to say what I think / feel / believe in and usually just get BS off my chest.

Okay so what brought on Minnie Mama’s latest tirade about self-expression? Well, a week or so ago I wrote a post about MY pregnancy, MY due date,  and a holiday it coincided with which drove me nutty. Long story short, I offended one of my readers which I totally didn’t mean to do, but I did. When I first got this reader’s PO’d email I was like OMG I have hate mail. I must really be someone then because only popular get PO’d emails, right?! Okay so obviously I know I am someone (everyone is somebody. LOL), but you know what I mean. But then I started obsessing over her email and felt really badly. I am totally not the type of person who wants to piss people off. Well sometimes, I do, but that’s really only if you cross me or my child and then the Mama Lioness comes out. But back on subject, I didn’t intentionally set out to piss anyone off w/ my post and so I wrote the reader an apology email and also deleted my original post and posted a revision post clarifying the point I was trying to make. I never heard back from the reader, but whatever. All was good on my part…

But since that evening when I posted my revision, I’ve been going crazy. I really hate it when I let people get the best of me and I hate it even more when I feel like I am backing down for something silly. What I am trying to say in a rambling kind of way is that I am done. I am done trying to make other people happy and only post things that won’t offend anyone. Of course I still don’t want to intentionally upset anyone, but if it happens then it happens and maybe it’s time to go read a happy-go-lucky arts & crafts blog (of course horses were once used for glue so maybe that will offend you) or maybe it’s time to toughen up & not be so damn sensitive. Sorry ladies & gentleman, but this is Minnie Mama’s Blog and I am gonna post whatever crosses my mind. No more editing or worrying about what people will say or think. This is real life & it’s my life. If you don’t like my blog then please don’t read it. Plain & simple. And if you do like my blog then please keep reading it cuz I’d really love to have you visit us!  🙂

So with that said, sit down and take a deep breath because I have a feeling the stories might get a little juicy around here. It is after all the holiday season and that means family functions, craziness at the shopping mall, resolutions, and so much more…


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