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Posted on: December 14, 2010

This morning’s commute into work seemed extra bad. Maybe it was the freezing cold temps or the little girl who didn’t want to go to school. Or maybe it was the fact that I was stuck in traffic for what seemed like forever. But whatever the reason was, I seemed to notice and think about the strangest things….

Scanning the radio channels I stopped on Magic 106.7 in the hopes of finding a sappy song from back in the day AKA elevator music. But what do I find? A song by Ludacris! Are you freakin’ kidding me? Am I getting way old that I don’t consider a rapper to be elevator music appropriate or I am just losing my mind? Maybe both…

And then the car in front of me had a Dad in the front seat w/ the mom & infant in the backseat. Totally not judging because I literally still sit in the backseat w/ Isabella sometimes — what can I say?! She’s fun to ride with cuz we play w/ her toys, read books, and sing extra loud to drown out Daddy’s sports radio channel. And honestly sometimes if she’s in a bad mood AKA throwing a fit then it calms her down and really who wants to listen to a screaming kid the whole way home from daycare when you’re stuck in traffic?! Not me! But what was so strange about this scene was that the mama was ROCKING the carseat to the point that it was moving all over the place. I totally get rocking calms the baby down, but shouldn’t the carseat be tight and secured so it can’t move in case of an accident? Just my opinion here…

The guy next to me was inhaling eating a bag of chips and drinking a soda. Again, I am not judging (well, I guess I kinda am…), but isn’t it kinda early for that crap?! Yuck!

And then totally off subject I started wondering if I should get all out bangs? It seems like bangs are the hot thing to have right now. Should I take the plunge? Or maybe I should go brunette? I’ve done it before. Nah, blondes have way more fun…

I also walked by a hotel restaurant on my way into work and OMG I smelled the best breakfast ever. Hot, mouth watering, delicious French toast smothered in maple syrup and covered w/ carmelized bananas along with a frothy hot chocolate. Alright so since I was just walking by I actually have no idea what the food was, but that’s what I imagined and damn I really want French toast now.

I got to work and immediately started online shopping working when I came across a work-related website that featured children’s clothing and I saw plus sized clothing for toddlers. Really? Plus sized? I realize not all children are tall & skinny like Isabella, but do you have to call their clothes plus sized? It just kinda seems like you’re setting a precedent for them later in life if that makes any sense. I mean, toddler clothes can have elastic waists or be stretchy which seems like it would work for chubbier kids. Plus sized just sounds mean… 

And then I also found lots of skinny jeans which of course I ordered for Isabella because they were on sale and she’ll look super cute in them. And then that made me remember my recent shopping trip when I tried on skinny jeans and oh lord honey nothing about them looked skinny on me! So with that in mind, did you know they also make skinny jeans in plus sizes? Skinny jeans and plus sizes just seem like a weird combo to me. Not saying bigger girls don’t look totally cute in them (okay yes I am actually saying that, sorry!), but it just seems weird. And before you jump all over for me saying something about bigger girls, let me just tell you that I can. I was once a BIG girl weighing 80lbs more than what I do now so I say that w/ love and past experience that big girls can’t wear everything just because it might be made in their size. For example, bikinis or anything w/ spandex are definite no-no’s!

Oh and by the time I leave work tonight it’s gonna be pitch dark and feel like the middle of night. I hate winter, but didn’t like living down South so WTF?! Maybe talk the hubs into relocating to St. Thomas?

I think that’s all for now on my current morning ponderings, but stay tuned because I am sure there’ll be many more…


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