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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Posted on: December 22, 2010

Last night we had our 1st snow fall of the season. Honestly, I was wishing it would’ve snowed early in the day so I could sneak outta work and run home to play outside w/ Isabella, but instead Mother Nature chose to start it just in time for the commute. Our usual 15 minute commute took over an hour. Lovely. But my question is why oh why, don’t people remember how to drive in the snow from year to year? People we live in BOSTON where it snows every single year, its not like we live down South and snow is a new concept and you are scared. We are New Englanders — toughen up and drive!

Anyways, back to my story. I pick Isabella up from school and she comes running towards me Mama, Mama. It’s snowing out. Can we build a snowman now?! Bless her little heart. Her Mama told her that when it snowed we’d build Frosty and now she had her heart & mind set on it. She’s just too cute! I promised her that tomorrow we could build one after school because it was still snowing out now, but as soon as it stopped we’d build the biggest snowman ever. Long story, short — the next day there wasn’t too much snow, but we figured after school we’d make the best of it and just build what we could. However, once again Mother Nature played a trick on us and by evening the snow was all melted.  😦

It’s snowing again today though and I hope, hope, hope that it builds up just enough so we can build that snowman. And if nothing else, I am just happy it’s snowing today because it’s getting me in the Christmas spirit. The hubs has been teasing me calling me a Scrooge which totally pisses me off  as I’m really not (I just don’t like to charge up the CC’s for silly overpriced gifts we don’t need!) and he knows how to push my buttons (I’ll tell you a story later about how he sneakily got me to clean the basement last weekend!). But now I am starting to feel Christmas-y! Of course he’s still not getting that giant monster 3D TV he wants, but I might get him an extra pair of socks. Kidding, kidding. My Xmas shopping has been done for months…it’s the OCD in me and I just can’t help myself w/ preparing in advance. 

Anyways, it’s snowing out right now and until the dogs pee in it, I think it looks just beautiful!  🙂


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