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Our Snowman

Posted on: December 23, 2010

(Excited, but kind of unsure about going outside into the snow!)

Remember how I told you we had our 1st snowfall the other night? Well, Thursday morning we went outside to play and OMG it was awesome. I am not even being sarcastic whenI tell you this. It was perfect. Like seriously, we had a blast!  🙂

This is Isabella’s 1st real winter that she’s old enough to enjoy and appreciate the fun of being outside in the snow. Once she got over the initial insecurity of the snow, she absolutely loved it. We chased each other, threw snowballs, made “footprints” which is my abbreviated version of a snow angel (seriously, it’s too damn cold to lay my whole body down in the snow to roll around and luckily my child thinks like her Mama & wanted no part of the idea when I explained it to her! lol), and of course we made our 1st ever Frosty the Snowman.

Please don’t judge our Frosty though. It was our 1st one we’ve ever made and we didn’t have a lot of snow so it was the best we could do. And actually as my little friend would say I think he looks quite awesome! 

We had tons and tons of fun outside, but Minnie Mama could only last for so long before she know longer felt her fingers (yes, I really need to invest in water proof gloves) so I did what any Mama would do to desperately get their child to go back indoors w/o having a major tantrum. I bribed her with hot chocolate chip cookies and it totally worked!   🙂


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