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Day 1 of 2011

Posted on: January 1, 2011

So it’s officially the 1st day of 2011, exciting, right?! Last night we had a total blast at my friend’s house (pics to come later…) and we laughed / drank the night away. It was seriously one of the most fun nights I’ve had in a while! 

Isabella was up till almost 1am which is totally nuts, but her BFF was there so the girls played all night long and partied hard all night long. Well, as hard as preschoolers possibly can, but in their world that means lots of cookies and juice so they partied like rock stars!  

The next day you would’ve thought Isabella would sleep till noon or at least 11am like her BFF did, but no such luck she was up at 8am on the dot. And surprisingly despite the fact that Minnie Mama was up till 2am, I was good to go too! We spent the whole day at home cleaning and organizing. It was great, seriously. We took down our Xmas tree and put away all the ornaments & decorations. I totally forgot how good our living room looks w/o a giant tree cluttering up the space. God, I hate clutter!

Once Isabella took a nap, the OCD in me took over and I was on a major cleaning & reorganzing spree. I emptied out all my cabinets and reorganized them. Everything is grouped together properly and of course the labels are all facing outwards as my OCD won’t allow them to be any other way. But the cabinets look awesome now and everything is all tidy inside.

I think it was our remodeling closet projec that set me into this organization tail spin. Did I tell you about it yet? No? Well, my awesome hubs paid to have a contractor come in and open up Isabella’s playroom closet which means its HUGE now and way more accessible & organized w/ lots of shelving. I sorted all of her toys w/ plastic bins and broke out my BFF the label maker machine so everything is labeled and has a proper ‘home’ now. It’s really true love that I feel for that sexy little machine!  🙂

We also did a quick run to Target for more bins to continue on with the organization frenzy and cat food. Not too exciting, but those furry little critters do enjoy their food. And on the plus side we found a Tinkerbelle Fairy Castle for Isabella that was on clearance. Major score considering it was one of the many toys she wanted for Xmas, but Santa can only do so much ya know?! So we’ll put it away for a rainy day as a “surprise” as that child absolutely adores those or maybe we’ll have will-power and save it for the Easter Bunny, we’ll see.

And so that was my 1st official exciting day of 2011. And if today is anysign of things to come in the New Year then buckle your seat belt baby because it’s gonna be a bumpy ride…. Ha ha  🙂


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