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Our Day at the Zoo

Posted on: January 3, 2011

I know I’ve mentioned it several times before, but I absolutely love visiting our local Zoo. We always have so much fun there no matter what time of year it is and lucky for us it’s open year round! 

I had the day off from work today so after spending the majority of the weekend inside, we decided to take an adventure to the Zoo. And apparently we were the only ones feeling adventurous because there was literally NO other people at the whole Zoo besides the staff! Sure, it was like 30 degrees out, but we’re New Englanders and we’re tough, right?! And a little fresh air is good for us even if it’s freezing fresh air!  🙂 

After bundling Isabella up in layer after layer, we headed out to the Zoo and we couldn’t have asked for a better day to visit. Yes, it was cold as I may have mentioned once or twice, but the sun was shining and we had the whole day to spend together. We explored the whole zoo and got up close views of ALL the animals! Apparently, these creatures really like the cold air because for once they were all alert and totally visible. Maybe the cold air shocked them awake, but whatever the reason was it was great.

In fact we even saw the River Otter named ‘Chelsea’ who we’ve NEVER EVER seen! It became a joke between me & Isabella that the otter wasn’t in the tank because we’ve NEVER seen her in the whole 3 years we’ve been visiting the Zoo! But thanks to a wicked nice Zookeeper who showed us where Chelsea hides along w/ teaching us the trick of jingling your keys we were able to see her. She even did ‘tricks’ for us according to Isabella who delighted in seeing her dance around on the snow!

And did I mention that we (meaning Isabella of course because her Mama is a chicken) got to pet a prairie dog named ‘Ethel’? Yup, she did and it was kinda cute in a creepy overgrown squirrel, god I hate rodents, kind of way. But Isabella was excited and thought it was the lady’s pet as she brought Ethel out on a leash. LOL

We saw llamas, bears, the leopard, the cougars, goats, bugs, snakes, an eagle, and a few other things. And we also had a blast at the playground as we had it all to ourselves so even Minnie Mama could play on the slide and jump on the ‘bridge’ w/o getting that evil eye from other less fun Mamas. Ha ha! 

We had the best time ever and I know we’ll be visiting the Zoo again wicked soon. Snow and cold can’t stop us…it’s our favorite place!  🙂


2 Responses to "Our Day at the Zoo"

That is so awesome! It was like having your own personal tour guide- I’m insanely jealous. There’s nothing I love more than animals.

Growing up, we lived about a half hour walking distance to our zoo. I used to head over there in early teenage years with friends, regardless of the season. Like you, braved the cold and the snow. But our zoo? Pathetic hardly describes it in the summer months. We have gerbils people. Winter guaranteed you a quick look at the tiger and the broken down train, but a good walk home!

It really was wicked awesome! But don’t be too jealous — this local zoo is really not like it used to be as their funding is low and there aren’t too many animals (no giraffes, gorillas, tigers, etc.). It seems to be mainly New England type animals, but that’s alright as we still have lots of fun. 🙂

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