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The Reality Show Man in My Closet

Posted on: January 5, 2011

I swear to God last night I must’ve been on a reality show. No kidding. There was a man hiding out in my closet buried under all the bags and shoes with a hidden camera, I just know it. And no, it wasn’t anything freaky like that — that’s just creepy people!

Our night started off as just any other weekday night with the same routine (dinner, play, bath, story time & cuddling), but as we were laying there in bed something was totally different. Minnie Mama was actually not tired or falling asleep for like the 1st ever. OMG I might actually be able to catch up on my beloved GH! Isabella would fall asleep before me and I’d actually have some free time for myself. OMG this was a moment in history. Shoot, this should be recorded in the baby book. I mean, after all I totally suck at recording stuff in that silly book so might as well put this in there, right?! I was about to sneak off to watch my soap when all of a sudden a little person popped her head up and demanded that I cuddle some more. Okay that’s fine no big deal, I can cuddle a little longer. But then that little longer turned into hours and hours — no lie!

Isabella was TOTALLY AWAKE. Like I am not even exaggerating right now, the child was AWAKE! And did I tell you what time it was? It was freakin’ 10pm when we first layed down. She’s a night owl which is why I usually fall asleep with her. And the worst part is I couldn’t even get mad at her because OMG she was freakin’ hysterical – she kept whispering all this funny stuff to me about how we needed to hide her binky under the pillows so no one would come in the house and steal it as apparently there is a high demand on the black market for used baby binkys. And then she kept rearranging my pillows and telling me this was hers and that one was mine, blah blah blah.

Finally around midnight the hubs came to bed and my little BFF was still wide awake! He was dying laughing at the situation because like I said before she was totally hysterical. She’d tell me she was a big girl and was going to sleep w/o cuddling w/ me so she’d roll over for a few minutes and then roll back to me saying she’d always be my baby and needed to cuddle w/ me. Long story short – she was just really happy and being so silly that it was almost contagious, except for the fact that this charade had been going on for over 2 hours! It was like a scene out of a bad reality show as it was all so surreal and Isabella was off her rocker!!

Eventually I was able to fall asleep and apparently she did too?! I woke up at 3:30am and was once again wide awake so I did what any sensible person would do — I caught up on GH before going back to sleep. And then at 6am I was awake again to run on the treadmill. OMG like seriously why was I soooo awake?! Maybe it had something to do w/ the Chai Tea Latte that I drank late last night? Yup, the awesome hubs surprised me w/ a case of my new fave drinks (he rocks) and I totally indulged in a cup of heaven. Oooh, maybe Isabella drank some of it when I wasn’t looking? She has a habit of doing that to me….


2 Responses to "The Reality Show Man in My Closet"

I’m not sure if reality TV hides people in closets that often. What with technology and tiny, little hidden cameras and all. Plus, the law suits of course…

And can you blame her worries about having her binky stolen, what with the strange man hiding in there? You know those freaks can’t get enough of a good binky.

Also? Ryker just turned two and I’m still on the ten month page of his baby book. Don’t feel bad…

That’s a good point, lol. Maybe I should’ve titled this post something about ‘candid camera’? I dunno. LOL

Isabella’s so funny w/ her binky. She really doesn’t even take it anymore — hasn’t had one at school for naps since she was like 1 year old, only takes it in the car once in a blue moon if she’s tired, but for some reason at home at bedtime she likes to hold onto it in her hand or know that it’s nearby…so funny.

I feel so much better knowing I am not the only crappy baby booker! Ha ha 🙂 Seriously though — thank you as I really do feel kinda bad about that!

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