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Posted on: February 10, 2011

I waited until now to post about this because to be perfectly honest it totally made my blood boil. Like sizzling over boiling. Irate. Furious. Bullshit. You get the idea. I was mad! And talking about it just made me madder, but I’ve calmed down a bit now so we can discuss…

I took Isabella to her 3 year doctor’s appointment and like all of the other appointments I  knew the doctor would tell me my child was incredibly brilliant, developing on a level much higher than her peers, the next Einstein, and of course absolutely perfect in the body department as she’s always been taller than average and definitely right on w/ her weight.  So can you imagine my surprise when the doctor told me if she continues to gain weight like she has in the past year then by next year we will have to put her on a special diet because she will be obese?! And in the meantime I need to start cutting down her snacks and giving her smaller portions at meals. Are you freaking kidding me??!?!??!?!? Of course she agreed w/ me that she’s brilliant and gifted, blah blah blah, BUT I didn’t even fully hear any of that. Nope, all I heard was obese. WTF?!?!

Now I will be the 1st to admit that my child is absolutely perfect in every way possible and if you argue that fact then we can just take this outside right now because trust me this Mama will whoop your butt. But since you read my blog I am assuming you already agree w/ me that she’s perfect, right?! Okay so maybe I am somewhat biased, but that’s not the point here…

Anyways, while I know my child can be a handful at times and she def has a bit of sassiness to her, I will never admit that she is chubby. Why won’t I admit that, you ask? Because she’s NOT!! Like seriously, I am not in denial on this matter. Nope. It’s the God’s honest truth. The kid doesn’t have any fat on her anywhere — her little ribs stick outta her chest for crying out loud! She eats very healthy, especially for a toddler, and she’s soooo active. And really this whole situation is rather ironic as when she was a baby / early toddler years I used to get grief from people because they said she was too skinny and they’d laugh at the healthy foods she ate and chastise me for the bad foods she wasn’t allowed to eat, but we won’t go there because then I will be on a rampage about overbearing people who need to stay the hell outta my business and stop worrying about MY child. Yup, not gonna go there right now….

So yes, she did gain weight since last year, but she’s freaking 3 years old and growing! WTF?!

Okay so long story short, after obsessing about the possibility of my child really becoming obese and the horrible life she’d endure due to being tormented by mean children, health problems, low self-esteem, etc. I decided to poll every single person I came into contact with my friends and family. And guess what?! They all agreed w/ me that Isabella is absolutely perfect and this doctor is nuts. No, they didn’t agree w/ me because they know I am crazy and fear the backlash from me, but instead because it’s the truth. The child is perfect and definitely not obese or even heading down that path!

Yes, I realize that childhood obesity is a very big problem in the world today, especially in our country, but it’s definitely a problem in our household nor will it ever be. While I may not be perfect at many things, I do know that I am as perfect as I can be with raising Isabella to be a healthy, happy, and strong little girl who stays fit and eats right by following her Mama’s example.

Okay so back to my rant — the doctor is history! This pediatrician practice is actually the one that we went to as kids and it’s literally one of the most prestigious practices in the New England area AKA very snobby and filled w/ all of kinds of wealthy, entitled parents w/ attitudes who impatiently sit on their blackberries while their sick children wipe snot all over the waiting room toys! Oh good times, right?! Ha ha.  So long story short, now that we no longer live in the city it was becoming a total PIA to drive into the city everytime Isabella was sick / had a Dr’s appointment, but because I thought so highly of this practice that I grew up with I didn’t dare search for a new place. But now this Doctor crossed the line and I was PO’d. Apparently, this was just the push I needed to seek out a closer and better practice for our family. And man, am I glad I did! I found an amazing practice located just 3 miles from my house and they are wonderful! Besides the bonus that they have sick evening & weekend hours 365 days a year, they are absolutely delightful to speak with and Isabella loves her new Doctor. I couldn’t be happier w/ their practice!  🙂 Of course there’s still sick children there (duh, that’s the point of the office, right?!), but they have a separate sick waiting area so if we’re not sick then we won’t get contaminated — brilliant! And the parents just seem far less snooty which is very refreshing.

Oh and guess what?! Her new doctor totally agreed w/ me that my little girl is absolutely perfect in every way possible! Of course I really do realize that no one is actually perfect although she’s pretty damn close, but this is my blog and we’re talking about my child so let’s just agree she’s perfect, alright?!  🙂


5 Responses to "My PERFECT Child"

That would be so hard to hear!
Good for you for choosing to go somewhere where you feel more comfortable. Your daughter’s a cutie!

p.s. she is absolutely adorable! Sweet girl! I miss 3! 😦

Thank you — she’s such a good girl. I am very blessed. 🙂

Sometimes I think I miss the baby years, but then I get so excited that she’s old enough to do stuff w/ me and she’s such a little person if you know what I mean?! I look forward to when she’s your girls’ ages as she’ll be even more fun, but then I am sure I will miss 3 too! Ha ha 🙂

I am SO so sorry you had to go through this! That is nuts! I’m glad you switched practices and doctors. You have to go with your mama instinct.

Thank you — I appreciate your understanding and support. I really felt torn about switching practices, but I think (hope) I did the right thing. 🙂

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