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The Excitement of Chicken Breast

Posted on: February 17, 2011

It seems like lately all I do is post sporadic updates on this blog and I don’t know why?! I think about silly things to tell you guys all the time and lord knows I find plenty of time to read all of my other fave blogs, but then when it comes to my own I just slack off. So bad, I know. But I am gonna work on trying to be better w/ posting stuff on here, even if it’s just short little notes.  🙂

So let’s see, what’s been going on w/ us lately?! It’s been fairly uneventful for us lately which to me is always a good thing! We celebrated Valentine’s Day over the weekend which was fun — lots of awesome presents, chocolates, and good food. And of course we baked cookies (I ate a ton, oops!) & made Valentine cards for Isabella’s party at school.

So far this week has been fairly quiet — work, gym, housework, and a run to the supermarket for an AMAZING deal on Perdue boneless chicken breast packages (on sale for B1G1 combined w/ 75 cent coupons that doubled and I got 8 giant packs for under $20! Yay). Yes, this is what my life has slowly become — excitement over cheap chicken sales. Wow…. Maybe this is why I haven’t been blogging lately?! Ha ha.

Let’s hope the weekend will give me more exciting topics to share w/ all of you!   🙂


3 Responses to "The Excitement of Chicken Breast"

My husband gets so tired of hearing about all my deals Haha! He just doesn’t get the excitement 🙂
Yay sales!

I get the same feeling when I get a B1G1 WITH a coupon deal. I did that the other night with Bertolli sauce, they were $1 a piece when I was done!

OMG I did the same thing w/ Classico sauce the other day and I was soooo excited too. It’s amazing what a good sale paired w/ coupons will do for my soul. Ha ha 🙂

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