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Mamas Don’t Get Sick

Posted on: February 23, 2011

I’ve always been a wicked healthy person. Like not even kidding, I DON’T get sick. Never. Ever. I just don’t get sick. Well, that’s not true anymore…I got sick. And when did I get sick you ask? Over my long glorious holiday weekend…so not fair.

On the plus side, I was only feeling run down for the beginning of the weekend and then it officially hit me like a ton of bricks on Sunday night and is currently still going strong right now as I type this and wonder if my freakin’ head will explode before my nose blows up. Good times, good times.

So there I was on Monday morning laying in my death bed with a 3 year old who just wanted Mama to play w/ her while I could do was try to smile and do the best impression I could possibly muster up of Prince Eric trying to resuce Ariel from Ursula the evil sea witch…yes, there’s lots of Disney re-enactments in our house.  But you know what made me feel a lot better? Check out this conversation:

Isabella: Daddy, I need your car keys.
Daddy: Why Isabella?
Isabella: Because I need to drive Mama to the doctors so she can feel better. The doctor will give her some medicine.
Daddy: Isabella you can’t drive, silly!
Isabella: Daddy can you please give my Mama some medicine so she can feel better then? Oh wait, I have an idea!! Let’s get Mama a pink popsicle to help her feel better!!

So yes my little BFF got me a pink popsicle and surprisingly it did make me feel a little better. Maybe it was the extra hugs and kisses I received that morning or maybe it was the fact that I finally caved in and took medicine (I HATE taking stuff!), but I did end up feeling a little better. We even made a quick run to Target (had to get more meds) and then enjoyed lunch at Kelly’s. It’s Isabella’s fave place and she likes to sit by the giant fish tank and watch Nemo and Dori swim around, so cute! We ate lunch and then went outside to play in the snow. Yes, I was sick and felt awful, but sometimes when you’re a mom you have to just suck it up and deal especially when it’s finally sunny outside and you want your little one to get some fresh air. Plus having Isabella outside seemed like a really good idea so she’d stop breathing in the fumes from the Lysol can that I was constantly spraying in the hopes of not spreading my germs. Surprisingly, my little BFF was not sick before me and knock on wood hasn’t caught this yet!

Yesterday, was another quiet day at home as I still felt like crap, but today I made it back into work although I had to promise not to breathe on anyone around me.  🙂

I’m still under the weather, but slowly feeling better…Mamas don’t get sick days!


2 Responses to "Mamas Don’t Get Sick"

Thank you so much! I am feeling better now, thank goodness.

And thanks for stopping by — hope you’ll visit again!! 🙂

Found your blog from your comment on MSM.
So true, us mamas don’t get sick days.
Feel better soon!

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