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Switching Up the Focus

Posted on: March 9, 2011

As you all know my daughter is the absolute focus of my life, the center of my universe, my purpose for being — you get the idea. And of course the hubs and my family & friends are a very close 2nd.  🙂

Now with that said, you understand why this blog was started in the 1st place — to share babble on and on about silly Isabella and Mama moments. And it really was soooo much fun to share all of this stuff with you, but now I feel like I’m in a point of my life where it’s alright to switch up the focus and talk a little about ME. Does that sound selfish or self-centered to you? Maybe it is a little, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. Us Mamas always put our family first and often times we lose ourselves in the daily grind of work, diaper changes / potty training, housework, busy balancing acts with our schedules, etc. We forget about the excitement in our pre-baby days over shoe shopping as we now dread it thanks to the preschooler who insists on trying on every pair of stilettos too (yes, I am a mama, but I still love my hooker hot mama shoes!) just so she can be like her Mama which is totally adorable, but a bit nerve-wracking when the child is clumsy to begin with and you see a trip to the emergency room in your future as she teeters down the shoe aisle.

Or maybe it’s clothes shopping that we now dread as we’re in denial of the few pounds we gained after the baby was born thanks to our new-found passion for delicious little Goldfish crackers. Yes, it’s possible to devour a whole bag of these addicting little fishes in just one episode of General Hospital. Don’t try it, just trust me and my thighs on this one!

Anyways, you get the point of where this babbling is going, right?! It’s time for us Mamas to start focusing a little bit more on ourselves as we’re important people too. Or maybe you all already do that and it’s just me who’s become so obsessed w/ my job as being a Mama that I let myself get lost in the endless hours of playing dolls and watching Disney movie after Disney movie till I recite the lines in my sleep and dream about living under the sea? Okay moving on now — while I’ll still be sharing lots of funny stories and pics of Isabella w/ all of you, the plan is to extend the blog’s focus to cover topics on eating healthy, getting in shape, shopping finds / wants, and anything else fun & girly that peaks my interest on that day.

Again, I totally love being a Mama and it’s the greatest joy in the world, but I feel like I need a creative outlet where I can just focus on being Katie a little bit.  Of course at any given moment of typing these posts I am instantly transformed back into Mama as when Queen Isabella beckons I am there, but for the few precious moments of her nap / nighttime sleeping I am able to just blog and blog about anything that crosses my mind…

I hope you’ll all continue to read Minnie Mama’s Blog and maybe through reading my posts you too can  enjoy not only being a parent (if you are), but also just being yourself!  🙂


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