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Posted on: March 10, 2011

Lately I’ve found myself on a lot of different blogs, but the main topic on all of them is eating healthy and staying active.

I am no longer interested in reading the typical Mommy blog and hearing the poor SAHM whine about how she hasn’t had a shower and watching Baby Einstein w/ her infant is so exhausting. Suck it up, honey, you had a child and now you have the luxury of being home w/ them — life isn’t so bad, trust me. Of course I realize some new moms do find comfort in reading fellow moms’ horror stories of poop and vomit, but that just never interested me and actually grossed me out a bit — I experienced those fun times too, but we don’t need to discuss the play by-play of how it all went down and ended up in little Johnny’s hair, okay?! I was more into seeing what these moms dressed their children in and if their houses were messy. Shallow yes, but I am just being honest here.

Anyways, now that Isabella is no longer a baby I feel like the Mommy blogs I used to read are just kinda boring to me. Sure, there’s still a couple that I literally read every single day such as www.blondemomblog.com which is awesome and makes me wanna pee my pants from laughing so hard sometimes! Yes, I blog stalk this site along w/ a few others and don’t always comment, but this makes up for it, right? But overall I am kinda bored w/ the typical Mommy talk business.  

And so I’ve branched out into the blog world of fitness and eating healthy. I am actually kinda obsessed w/ reading about all of the crunchy and organic foods that people who shop at Whole Foods eat. Sure, I visit Trader Joe’s once in a blue moon, but Whole Foods AKA Whole Paycheck just sounds so interesting and exciting — I might have to visit it this weekend since I will be getting paid, lol.

Okay so without further a due, one of the trends that I’ve found on all of these blogs is pics of what the person has eaten that day. At first it seemed kinda strange to me, but now the idea has grown on me and I actually look forward to seeing / learning about what they’ve eaten as it gives me ideas. Silly, right?!

I doubt this will be something I do on a daily basis as honestly I am a very boring person and pretty much eat the same thing every single day of my existence. But I thought maybe we could give it a try just this once or maybe twice? Or at least until I space out and forget about it…

Here we go:

Breakfast is the same thing every single morning M-F. Maple brown sugar oatmeal in the instant pouch, but microwaved w/ way too much water so it gives the illusion of being more as its super light & fluffy. And then topped with a chopped up Jazz apple. It’s a warm combo of sweet and tart flavors. Super yummy.

Lunch lately has been a salad consisting of Romaine lettuce, chick peas, olives (sometimes), shredded carrots, Boca veggie burger, and Walden Farms calorie free / fat-free / sugar-free / carb free balsamic dressing — not sure what’s in this dressing exactly, but if I drop dead tomorrow then please mention this to the coroner.

Snack is usually a Dannon yogurt or a piece of fruit. Nothing crazy as chances are I will be munching on Goldfish crackers on the ride home from daycare. So bad. Trying to quit that habit. Don’t judge me!  🙂

Dinner varies and I forgot to take a pic (yes, I realize I am already messing this up!), but it’s either that spaghetti squash creation I mentioned or sometimes another salad. Or maybe grilled chicken w/ a sweet potato. Something simple and light.

So there you have it — my typical daily eats. Not too exciting and maybe not the most organically healthy options since there’s still processed foods, but I am a work in progress and who knows what my trip to Whole Foods might do to me!


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