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Spaghetti Squash

Posted on: March 11, 2011

On a mission to eat healthier and get creative in the kitchen I searched through my old recipe book and found spaghetti squash recipes. Okay so maybe this wasn’t exactly creative, but it’s def healthy!

Have you ever had spaghetti squash? It’s absolutely delicious and a great substitute if you’re craving a big Italian meal, but don’t want to deal w/ the guilt of all those carbs. It’s the best ever, trust me.

So how do you make spaghetti squash? Well, this is totally not a food blog and I am def not Rachel Ray so just bear w/ me as I try to explain the steps to you:

  1. Go to the supermarket and pick one out. Pick out a good-sized one, but be sure to check the price per a pound. Trust me on this one — my squash ended up being freakin’ $8.46! And I am totally obsessive frugal about my grocery bill so this really killed me when I got home and looked at the receipt. Sigh…
  2. Rinse the outside of your squash really well cuz you don’t know who’s handled it and what pesticides may have come in contact w/ it. Yes, I know organic is better, but I am cheap and can’t justify organic on all my veggies.
  3. Find the biggest and sharpest freakin’ knife you can and then place the squash on a cutting board and proceed to cut into it lengthwise all the way down. Don’t worry about cutting all the way through though because you can just flip it over and cut the other side. This makes it wicked easy to break apart.
  4. Shell out the inside of your squash so you get rid of all the seeds and the initial yucky stuff. You can save the seeds to bake for a tasty snack later if you want, but I didn’t bother. Maybe I should have? Oh well.
  5. Place both halves in a baking dish and add about a 1/4 cup of water so it doesn’t get stuck.
  6. Put the squash inside your pre-heated oven set at like 375 or so? Yes, I prob should’ve listed this part at the top of the list, but like I said before this isn’t a foody blog so just bear w/ me. And I personally always just throw the food in right when I start the oven. Again, I am not Rachel Ray so this cooking thing is a work in progress for me. BTW – just realized Isabella is posing next to a Rachel Ray mag in the below pic. Totally didn’t plan that one, it had just come in the mail that day and I guess I didn’t bother to take it off the table before we started our creation. Ha ha.
  7. Let the squash bake for maybe like 40 minutes or longer? I just keep checking it till the inside seems stringy enough and the outside is soft, almost caving in.

Once you feel like the squash is done, take it out and let it cool down to room temp or at least till it’s not burn your hands off hot.

And then get a fork and proceed to scrape out all the inside. If you have a little helper then that’s even better as this is a very messy job and they will love it!

By the time you’re done you will just have the empty shell and a whole pile of stringy, spaghetti like squash to eat and enjoy!

I personally love my spaghetti squash covered in marinara sauce and sprinkled with a little low-fat shredded cheese and complimented w/ 2 or 3 Perdue turkey meatballs– so delicious! The whole meal is wicked low in calories and fat so you really can’t go wrong w/ it. And then if I feel like splurging maybe I’ll eat 1/2 a piece of whole grain pita bread that’s been toasted for a crunchy effect.

And if your family members go on strike and refuse to eat your delicious creation then don’t worry cuz you can always portion out the plain cooked squash into Tupperware containers and freeze them till you’re ready to eat them as there’s no need to waste perfectly, good spaghetti squash! 

Bon apetit!  🙂


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