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30 Day Shred Challenge

Posted on: March 16, 2011

As you all know Minnie Mama’s really trying to get back into shape and lead a healthier lifestyle. However, sometimes it’s just so damn hard especially when the hubs insists on buying box after box of chocolate crack Girl Scout cookies. Seriously, is there anyone out there who can just eat one single Thin Mint or just one Caramel Delight? What?! You can….let’s not be friends anymore, okay?!  🙂

So I’ve been hitting up the gym at least twice a week (Saturday and Sunday religiously) and then a couple times during the week if possible, but it’s totally hard w/ work & daycare. There’s just not enough hours in the day for all of this BS. I try to walk at lunch to get some exercise in, but it’s been a freeeeeeezing winter in Boston so that doesn’t always happen. BUT spring is almost here so then I’ll be back to my norm walking at lunch schedule — can’t wait!  🙂

Anyways, enough of the babbling. Let’s get on to the real subject at hand, shall we? I’ve decided to challenge myself to the 30 Day Shred! Have you heard of it? I am guessing you have as it’s by the world’s best trainer AKA Jillian Michaels. Seriously, she totally rocks! And the best part of the whole freakin’ video is it only lasts 20 minutes so there’s really NO excuse to not find the time to do it. Well, I am sure between now and 30 days I might be able to find an excuse, but I am really gonna try hard not too.

I’ll be honest when I 1st heard the video was only 20 minutes long I was all cocky and like OMG I can totally do that and I’ll be on level 3 in no time. Shoot, maybe I should just start off at level 3?! Luckily I came to my senses and started at Level 1. OMG. This video is seriously intense for being only 20 minutes long. Sure, I am outta shape and not in shape like I was in the pre-child days, but damn this video kicked my butt. My arms are really aching right now and I feel it in my legs too. And you know what? I LOVE the pain. Not in a creepy weird kinda way, but in a Minnie Mama is back and she’s gonna be a total MILF by summer kinda way.  🙂

So from today till the 30 days is up I will be sharing w/ all of you how I’m progressing w/ the Shred Challenge…it should be interesting. And oh yeah, if several days go by and you don’t hear a peep from me then Jillian Michaels killed me and my last dying wish is to be buried in a hot pink bikini – closed casket of course!  🙂


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