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It Takes a Village

Posted on: March 17, 2011

Have you ever heard the expression it takes a village to raise a child? Well, I am not sure about needing a whole village, but I do totally think having a grandparent nearby is helpful!  🙂

Long story short, Isabella was sick the other day and couldn’t go to school. This was the 3rd week in a row that she’d been home for at least 1 day w/ some sort of illness (remember the fun conjunctivitis outbreak?!) so while I could’ve and definitely would’ve stayed home if needed, I was so relieved when my awesome mother-in-law was able to come watch Isabella for the day. Seriously praise the lord for a grandparent that’s willing to drop everything on a moment’s notice to come watch her sick grandchild.

And not only did this amazing woman take excellent care of my sick baby all day long, she also cleaned the freakin’ house from top to bottom! Can you believe it?! I couldn’t. I was dying. I still am, can you tell? I walked in the house and for a moment I thought I stepped foot in the neighbor’s house, this couldn’t have been my house. Our house isn’t messy, but trust me it just doesn’t sparkle like it used to until this angel of a MIL came over. Holy Jesus, it is clean! She cleaned every square inch of the house, folded a basket of clothes, made the beds, and even organized a few piles of coupons. I swear the woman is a Goddess and not like Charlie Sheen’s creepy Goddesses because I would NOT trust them to watch my child. But this woman is absolutely amazing — she takes great care of my child, spoils her rotten and cuddles w/ her all day when she’s sick, and cleans my house. I am in love!

I jokingly told the hubs his mom was moving in w/ us because she’s the perfect nanny, housekeeper, and cook (oh yeah forgot to tell you she was about to start dinner when I got home. God, I love that woman!). Thank goodness for mother-in-laws especially mine!!

On a side note — I can totally see why rich people have nannies. It makes your life soooo much easier when you don’t have to get your child up in the morning, dress them, drag them to daycare in traffic, commute to work in traffic, commute back from work in traffic, get your child at daycare, and then sit in more traffic on your way back to your messy home after 6pm to make dinner for a starving cranky family. So not fun! But w/ a nanny OMG you can skip like 1/2 of these steps and life is great! Of course I don’t have the $$ for a nanny and Isabella absolutely LOVES her friends & teachers so we have a great arrangement, but I can still dream…


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