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30 Day Shred Challenge: Day 3

Posted on: March 18, 2011

Hey guys, happy Friday! So this morning was day 3 of the 30 Day Shred Challenge and OMG was it ever a challenge. Not because of the work out itself as that’s actually feeling a little easier already, but because of my little BFF who did NOT want me getting up this morning.

She woke up at 5am and for the next hour she would not let me outta her sight and refused to let me put her down (yes, she even came pee w/ me.). Don’t get me wrong I totally love being her fave person in the whole wide world and the feeling is def mutual, but Mama needs a little time to herself sometimes and 20 minutes is not gonna hurt anyone.  I was determined come hell or high water to fit my work out in before work so I finally fleed from the bedroom (thank god for Sid the Science Kid) and ran to the living room to do my thang. Unfortunately, I barely got past Jillian’s intro that you can’t FF and little missy comes running into the room freaking out that she wants to be picked up, held, cuddled with, etc. After about 5 minutes of her freaking out and me doing my best to do my video while trying to get her involved w/ it, she finally calmed down and decided we could exercise together. Yay! Of course she didn’t have her own yoga mat (the towel just wouldn’t cut it) or weights so that made her mad, but eventually she decided that when she’s a big girl like Mama she will have that stuff and for now she will use the special pink towel and share my weights w/ me (gotta find 1/2lb weights for her!) .

We did the whole video together and OMG it was really the cutest thing ever. She does jumping jacks like the best of them and is pretty hard core about her sit-ups. I think we may have the next Jillian Michaels on our hands!

So after an interesting work out I ran to the shower and got ready for work. What did my little BFF do you’re wondering? Well, for a few minutes she did the video for a 2nd time and then she threw a total fit because she wanted Mama to do it again w/ her. The girl is obsessed w/ exercising — she even wanted to bring it to school so her friends could do it w/ her. We’re raising a healthy & active little person which is such a good thing in my book!  🙂

Oh and before I forget — originally I was planning to do each level of the work out (there’s 3 total) for 10 days each, but I felt really strong this morning and it’s getting a little easier so I’m thinking maybe I can graduate to Level 2 over the weekend? We’ll see…


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