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Spring Cleaning

Posted on: March 31, 2011

I really have Spring fever. Maybe it’s because it’s officially Spring and I am sooo sick of winter? Of course it still feels like winter and it’s freeeezing here in Boston, but whatevs. Technically it’s Spring and I am so ready for it. So much in fact that I’ve already started tearing apart organizing our closets. Now I am totally not a hoarder and if anything am the extreme opposite, I absolutely hate / loathe / despise / cringe at clutter so cleaning out the closets is actually something I try to do on a  regular basis. I hate holding onto stuff and just want to get rid of it rather it be through donating or selling which is my preferred method cuz I love making a little extra $$ on the side. But then there’s the whole issue w/ what should I save if there’s ever baby #2 and what should I just not hang onto? I’ve actually sold all of Isabella’s baby basics (high chair, tub, jumper, swing, etc) because I HATE clutter and while I will prob be cursing myself 10 million years from now, at the time I felt a sense of relief when selling this stuff. But I did hang onto her cute teensy little outfits because honestly I bought super expensive designer quality outfits that were worth the $$ to me at the time. Now if there’s ever a next time around of course I won’t buy the same type of clothes because I am very frugal now, but at the time I was crazy justified as I was young & had the money to blow invest on designer duds. So why am I babbling on and on about this? Well, I started thinking the other day what if there’s never a Baby #2 and then if there is a baby #2 what if it’s (gasp) not a girl or what if the baby is a girl, but the size / seasons don’t even match up w/ the outfits?! That means I saved bins and bins of clothing for all those years for NOTHING! Ugh. Do you seem my dilemna?! God help me, this is serious business to a control freak neatnick like myself! I am seriously contemplating going through all of her old clothes and selling them as it seems silly to hang onto clothes for a what if… 

And while we’re on the subject of hanging onto stuff — I am also contemplating selling my wedding dress (it’s almost 10 years old and obviously I am not gonna wear it again!) and perhaps even my treadmill. Both of those do have sentimental meaning, but if they never get used then why keep them around, right? Of course the treadmill used to get use 24/7, but life changes and now it’s sadly more of a disturbance in my little BFF”s playroom. Although the thought of parting w/ my beloved treadmill does make me kinda uneasy — again it goes back to the what ifs. But I could totally use the $$ so I see myself selling lots of things in the next few weeks and I like the rush from selling stuff. Yes, I am nuts, I know.


2 Responses to "Spring Cleaning"

OH hang on to the wedding dress just in case your daughter wants to wear it…seriously!

I have been purging since January. I have cleaned out my closet DRASTICALLY, the girls’ closets, and their toys. I nearly cried this week, though, when I gave their My Little Ponies to a friend’s daughter. Sniff. But it’s great to declutter! Sadly, I still have a ton more to purge!

I understand your dilemmas perfectly!! I too, would rather get rid of stuff then try to find a place to store it. HATE clutter! But then again, I don’t want to have to buy things again, if I would have just kept it. UGH!

I wouldn’t have a hard time parting with my wedding dress. Never gonna wear it again, nor do I have some grand idea of keeping it for my daughter. It can go, and I wouldn’t even miss it.

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