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Holy Cow

Posted on: April 28, 2011

Holy Cow! Where has the time gone?! Like I knew I’d been slacking off on this lil ‘ol blog, but OMG I totally didn’t realize it’s been almost a month since I’ve popped in. Wow & sorry!

I hope all of my loyal readers didn’t give up hope on me?! I realize I suck and am a crappy blogger, but thank you for loving me anyways or at least checking in every now and then! 

And speaking of love as a token of my gratitude for all of you I’m gonna host a really fun & exciting contest that will be super quick so be sure to come back here ASAP to enter as it’s literally closing tonight which is code for OMG I dropped the ball on this and realize I suck at this too so trying to get it in before the deadline.  🙂

So a lot’s been going on w/ me and at the same time nothing new at all really. Make sense? I didn’t think so either, but I never claimed to be logical… Life’s just gotten in the way yet again and I’ve been trying to do it all which means this sad little blog got left behind. I really hate when I do that, but sometimes you gotta pick and choose priorities. Unfortunately, speaking of priorities my 30 Day Challenge has also taken a backseat to all of my daily priorities and that totally sucks! I really hate feeling like a big, fat failure. I do.

On the plus side I’ve still been keeping up w/ the gym for a minimum of 3x week which I realize isn’t the greatest, but all you working Mamas out there can relate — it’s hard to balance FT work, commuting, daycare schedules, night time routines (dinner, bath, stories, lunch prep, playtime etc.) and then find the time to leave the house for the gym. Sometimes it just doesn’t happen, sigh…  But I have been walking about 3 miles at lunch everyday so that’s a good thing and I am proud of that.

I am planning to start up the 30 Day Shred Challenge again this weekend and this time I am determined to make it work. In fact to make myself stick w/ it, I think I might post before pics cuz honestly I am totally vain and there’s no chance that I’ll post these awful before pics of myself w/o knowing there will be better pics to come. Ha ha.

Okay so this is a super quick post as I gotta get on the ball and post that contest. There’s just never enough time in the day to balance it all which is pretty ironic considering my professional job is based on this concept….


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