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Holy Little People

Posted on: July 12, 2011

Okay so I come home last night and OMG it looks like Christmas in my hallway. Like literally there’s toys everywhere.  Little people toys to be exact. The first thought that ran threw my mind is OMG I am gonna kill him because I had an appt. after work so the hubs was picking Isabella up from school and of course I assumed he took her to the toy store and spent our entire life savings on toys so she’d stop crying for Mama. Yes, there was really that many toys and yes bribery does happen quite often in our house from both of us. Now before you start sending me nasty-grams that bribery is not the proper techinique for parenting, trust me it works and if you claim to never try this amazing negotiating method then you are either a big fat liar or a Saint!

Anyways, long story short, one of the lawyers in the hub’s building was cleaning out her garage and kindly gave ALL of them to Isabella. Like literally there was thousands of dollars worth of Little People. There’s a zoo, school, pizza building, house, bus, castle, horse & carriage, farm, garage, hundreds of people & animals, etc. I cannot get over the kindness and generosity of this person. I am literally blown away, amazed, and so grateful!  🙂  The hubs called me earlier to let me know there’s MORE toys on the way for Isabella…wow it’s like Christmas in July at our house!

Isabella played for hours and hours last night w/ all of her new treasures and this morning the 1st thing she did was run into the living room to play some more. It’s amazing how much fun that little girl has w/ Little People and I’m sure there’ll be many more hours of playing to come.

On a side note, I gotta admit this really couldn’t have come at a better time as her new favorite game was making me pretend to be Snow White who eats a poison apple and falls asleep so then she has to try every possible idea that pops into her head to wake me up only to find that kissing me is the only thing that works. And if I “Snow White” dares to smile, peak her eyes open a little, or move in the slightest then the little director screams start from the beginning or I get severely scolded for not playing the right way. She’s def a cutie pie, but man that child is a tough cookie when it comes to her fairy tales!


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