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Posted on: January 29, 2013


With all of the stress and guilt I had building up inside me from the daycare situation yesterday, I was really excited to see it was snowing when I left work yesterday. In all honesty, I hate snow. I hate being cold. I hate the messy long commute from work it creates. I hate everything about it. But I love how excited my little girl gets every time it snows. When she sees the snow her whole face lights up and she smiles from ear to ear. She screams and giggles with delight that it’s snowing and it’s literally like she’s seeing snow for the first time every time she sees it. She never gets sick of it and it just makes her so happy which to me is worth putting up with that dreadful stuff.

So I got to daycare as fast as I could yesterday and was really excited to tell her my good news. Her teacher said she had a great day and didn’t get in trouble or have to sit in that damn red chair. In fact, she said she hardly ever sits in the red chair and after discussing what Isabella told me, her teacher thought maybe it was just something that bothered her and really stuck w/ her? This did make some sense to me because her sense of time is horrible which I think is normal for her age (everything is yesterday even if it happened 1 year ago, lol). That made me happy to hear she had a good day and I felt better about the situation. I also asked Isabella about how her day was and she said “Mama, you said I would have a good day, but I didn’t. It was horrible. I told her that her teacher said she had a great day and that little munchkin looks at me w/ her eyes really wide and says “Well Mama, she is lying. It was horrible!”. If I didn’t know her as well as I did then I probably would’ve turned the car around and gone back into the school to demand what was going on. But I could tell just by the tone of her voice and the slight smurk on her precious little face that she was telling me stories. That little girl really knows how to tell a story and make me believe her. The teenage years are going to be lots of fun and I know this because she’s totally a mini-me…god help us all!

So we get outside and she sees the snow. It’s like Christmas for her and she’s super excited. She looks at me w/ those beautiful big eyes and says “Mama, can we play in the snow when we get home?”. Now by the time we get home it’s usually always after 6pm and it’s already dark out, there’s dinner to be made, baths to take, homework, lunches to make, etc, etc. But you know what?! None of that really matters and my little girl will only be little once. See, I really am a marshmallow mama and rules are meant to be broken in my book! So I smile at her and say “yes, I was hoping you’d come outside w/ me!”. She was super excited and I could tell that just made her day. The whole way home we talked about all the fun we would have –building a snowman, snow angels, sledding, playing on the swing set & slide. We couldn’t wait!

Long story short, we played outside and we had a total blast. We did everything we talked about and more. It was totally dark out there, but the patio light was on so it was perfect. I am sure the neighbors thought I had lost my mind as we screamed and giggled sledding down our hill and soared really high on the swings and chased each other w/ snow balls, but I didn’t care. We were having a blast!

And this isn’t the 1st time we’ve done this dark night time playing in the snow thing — a few months ago at about 10:30pm it started snowing so I bundled her up and we went outside to play for a little while. It was awesome. Yes, I realize that’s really late to be outside, but were going on vacation the next day and this child was just too excited to sleep and then once she saw the snow coming down that just added to her excitement. Disney World the next day and snow falling = a child who is NOT going to sleep! So we played outside and all the excitement exhausted her so she finally fell asleep. Hey, a mama’s gotta do what a mama’s gotta do sometimes! 😉

Last night was absolutely awesome and I know it’s one of those fun memories she will keep in her little heart & mind even as she gets older. I always want my little girl to remember her childhood as fun and full of laughter and happiness. Life is too short to get too caught up in the every day hassles and routine. If I have the chance to make even just one day more special than the next then I am doing it!


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