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Tooth Fairy

Posted on: February 4, 2013

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It feels like just yesterday my baby was teething and getting in her 1st tooth, but now my baby just lost her 1st tooth and has another loose one getting ready to fall out. Seriously, where does the time go?!

This little girl was so excited to have a loose tooth. It was loose for a few weeks and then bam just like that it was barely hanging about to fall out. I tried to get it out for her, but the thought of pulling a tooth out of her little mouth just freaked me out. I didn’t want to hurt her! Thank goodness her Daddy’s braver than me and pulled it out! Honestly, I was surprised he had the stomach to do that considering he was never up for the diaper changing challenge. Like never ever unless I wasn’t home which was hardly ever, ha ha.

The tooth fairy came and brought her money and a fairy toys (the ones from Sleeping Beauty) so she was super excited. The plan was to leave sparkly money (you spray the $$ w/ hairspray and then throw glitter on it), but the tooth fell out earlier than expected and the poor tooth fairy didn’t get a chance to glitz up her money. I’m thinking that fairy should get on the ball and glitz up all her money now so it’s set for the next time around.

Tooth fairy today and before I know it we’ll be prom dress shopping…


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