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Cupcakes & Floating Fish

Posted on: February 14, 2013

Ever feel like you’re having a total Mom fail? Well, don’t feel bad because I probably have you beat.

Last night (AKA the night before freaking Valentine’s Day) I’m in the kitchen baking cupcakes for my little Valentine’s party at her school. Well, I didn’t think to look ahead of time at the list of kids in her class, I just assumed one box of cupcake mix would be enough. Uuum yeah, it totally wasn’t. I came up like 5 short and that’s just not gonna work. I mean, you can’t short 5 kids cupcakes, especially for a party! Ugh. So I look in the cupboard and of course I don’t have another box mix. Nope. I don’t. Errrrr. Okay so I find a chocolate chip muffin mix and figure that will be just fine — I’ll throw a little frosting on them & sprinkles. It’ll be just fine, I mean these are just pre-schoolers, right? So I make them and all is good. Of course I also am using a mix of Diego and Halloween cupcake wrappers, but whatever…

photo (3)

Alright so while I’m baking the cupcakes I decide it’s also a good time to make lunches, empty / load the dishwasher, wash the pans in the sink, and of course clean the fish tank. I mean, it makes perfect sense to just multi-task and get this all done at once, right? Yeah, not so much… But a mom’s day just never ends so it seems like we’re always doing ten million things at once. So I get everything done and then realize I need to put Pepper back in her clean tank (she was in a container waiting for her tank’s water to be ready). I absolutely hate cleaning the tank as it smells and fish creep me out, so I wash my hands (paranoid that I will smell fishy, ha ha) and then I am about to dump the damn fish back into her tank, but I am trying to dump the current dirty water down the drain so I don’t get my just cleaned sink dirty — horrible idea. I dropped the freaking fish down the freaking drain into the freaking garbage disposal. OMG. OMG. OMG. My daughter’s fish is now inside the disposal which is full of soap from just washing my hands and I can’t see the damn fish. OMG what do I do? Do I run the disposal to hide the evidence and blame it on the cats? But then Isabella will be hearbroken. Shoot. So I do what any desperate mama would do — I stuck my hand inside the disposal and pull out the fish all the while it’s flopping around and I am having a bitch of a time trying to get it out, ugh! I’m so scared that I will cut the fish on the disposal blades and end up w/ a fish filet in my hands or end up cutting my damn hands. Oh and this whole time Isabella is sitting at the kitchen table doing her Valentine’s cards – eeks! After lots of flopping around and rinsing the soap fish off, I think I saved it.

I literally checked on the fish 100 times last night and it seems to be OK. But this isn’t the first time I did this — I am known to be a fish killer!

And then of course my little friend decided she was done filling out her Valentine’s so I ended up doing them. I so should’ve planned this out better and had her do a few every night. I am such a procrastinator — I bought the damn cards a year ago on clearance so I really have no excuse!


And then to top it all off my cupcakes don’t even look that pretty. But again they are like 4 yrs old so whatever! I did put an ‘I’ on Isabella’s and a heart on the others so she’d def get an all chocolate one, ha ha. She was very concerned w/ getting a chocolate chip one and in a preschooler’s world this is a big deal so I went w/ it and made sure my baby got the cupcake she wanted.

It looks like all crisises were avoided so maybe this wasn’t such a Mom fail after all! A day in the life of a Mama is never boring or predictable for that matter…


1 Response to "Cupcakes & Floating Fish"

I love, love, love this! It is just so darn funny and so very typical of the day in the life of a working Mom! I don’t know how you do it Kate. But, I laughed and laughed when I read this…you handled it all well and with such great humor! God Bless you my Dear Daughter!

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